4 types of hen parties and what to wear

4 types of hen parties and what to wear

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After a two year hiatus from throwing rowdy and raucous parties to celebrate the endof singledom, hen parties in all their glory – “lesbihens,” and “stens,” included – are back just in time for this mini heatwave. Google’s searches for hen parties outfits have increased 250% in the past month, it is no surprise.

Once the phallic straws have been ordered and the balloons have been inflated, the organisation is complete. Now, it’s time to focus on the outfits. The art of hen do dressing is a true art. The bride should never be taken advantage of, but for the photos that will last forever, you, as one of the hens’ chicks, must wear an outfit that is comfortable and durable.

There’s a hen party outfit for everyone, no matter if your bride-to-be is traveling to zone 5 or going to the beach to sip a mojito at a club. This is your guide to hen do dress-up. Then, focus your attention on what’s important: having fun.

The Ibiza hen

It is the most easy to style the Ibiza hen. Keep things simple, breezy, and bohemian.

If your hen parties include a trip to the Balearics’ white island this summer, you can rest assured that getting fabulously dressed with your chicks is easy. Visitors to Ibiza can also benefit from the bohemian style of Ibiza, which is reflected in its golden sands as well as its crystal clear waters. Ibizan natives will give you some hen do ideas. They swear by the power and elegance of floor-sweeping maxi dresses, sleek sandals, and a slew of gold jewellery. This is a laid back bride-to-be with her chicks’ stylistic dreams come true.

The London hen

You can dress up for a city-hen do and show your true colors.

You don’t need to go to London. It could be Manchester, Leeds, or Edinburgh. But the fact is that city hen parties are a great way to bring the fun back to fashion. It’s rare that our busy lives allow us to wear our favorite heels and a fitted skirt. But this weekend, we encourage you to embrace the extravagant with your closest friends. You want heels that can be worn on cobbles and skirts that you can dance the night away. Also, jewellery that is as bold as the party as it is the bride.

The Barcelona hen

Barcelona is the ideal place to mix high-low and ease when you’re planning a hen party.

No matter if you opt for rooftop cocktails with your bridal party or a stylish dinner in Barcelona’s Gaudihaven, the Gothic quarter, dressing up for a Spanish hen do is an absolute joy. It is important to make sure your outfit is as colorful as the city, and that you are able to walk on the cobblestone streets of Barcelona after having a few beers. You can’t go wrong with kitten heels this year. A mini skirt and jacket will keep you cool and comfortable.

The Cotswolds hens

A Cotswold hen do is the best way to embrace laidback.

If you have been suffering from a bad case o bridezilla, it is best to dress for the party that takes you to the British seaside. You can be sure to get plenty of chips, fish and pints. There may also be wine in a container. This will take away any sartorial stress you felt when heading to a big city. Grab your most comfortable smock and the best trainers, and let the country’s time pass by.