29 best men’s fashion sales

29 best men’s fashion sales

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It is not easy to shop smart in a sale. Even the most savvy shoppers have been guilty of adding to the cart blindly, only for the items to remain in their closets without a single outing. If you know what you want, you can find the best men’s sales that will allow you to create a capsule that will keep you stylish for the coming year.

It’s important not to get caught up in trends that are on the verge of disappearing. These bolder pieces may have been on your wishlist in the past months, but they are now in the bargain bin. Instead, look for classic layering pieces, essential accessories, and timeless staples like plain button-up shirts or versatile tailoring.

At the risk of sounding too much like an estate agent, telling you to consider “the potential” for a otherwise failing two-up, two-down house, a little bit of foresight can go a long ways. In the height of summer it is unlikely that you will find swim shorts that you actually like in a men’s sale. But, December might be a good time to try. This applies to shades, bowling shirts, shorts, and even sunglasses at this time of the year.

Many of our favorite online shopping destinations have sales or are adding products to their existing archive. We have compiled a definitive list of the top online shopping destinations right now.

The best men’s sales pieces

We’ve selected our top picks for men’s sales, based on the best of the season. These include timeless accessories, Savile Row suits, and more. If you are looking for something cheaper than the virtual sale rails, check out our highlights of the high street for less than $250 or Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. Have fun shopping!


Corduroy trousers used to be reserved for university professors and dads. They were usually in bold burgundies and garish reds. Corduroy is now mainstream and Percival is a big fan. These pants have a strong silhouette and modernised details. percivalclo.com


Miu Miu’s tube socks are designed to fill that gap of one-to two inches between your shoe laces and your trouser hems. They are comfortable and have a thick stretch construction that will keep you cool. Flannels.com


Now is the perfect time to get your hands on some sturdy sweats, as layering season approaches. This Oswold sweatshirt by Reiss is a light sage green and cotton-stretch blend. It’s perfect for autumnal looks. reiss.com


Palm Angels’ iconic and infamous Kill the Bear design has been updated with a leopard print design. This adds even more Y2K-era appeal, further enhancing the label’s streetwise vision. It’s 25% off. We dug the leade. Endclothing.com


The classic knit polo is now available for autumn. It takes on a slate gray hue and rich cotton-blend knit texture. abercrombie.com


Lemaire’s luxurious leather belt will make your season outfits stand out in style. This versatile accessory features silver hardware and two rows contrast stitching. Matchesfashion.com


A slim-fitting, black blazer is the perfect classic. This single-breasted blazer is made from lightweight stretch-cotton and makes for a stylish, durable piece. reiss.com


There’s no way to be completely safe from an unexpected downpour, even in the midst of a storm in old Blighty. Mackintosh is the country’s favorite destination for luxury outerwear. Mackintosh’s Torrential Navy Raincoat is made from water-repellent dry waxed Cotton. It will keep you warm and stylish through even the most rainy season. mackintosh.com


Are you looking to spice up your T shirt selection? Percival’s Hot Sauce T-shirt embroidered with Chili Sauce is the perfect choice for chilli-lovers. Scotch bonnets, it’s over, Percival’s Hot Sauce has taken the top spot. percivalclo.com


The humble white T-shirt is a powerful piece of clothing. This soft cotton crewneck, printed only with a partially-flipped logo at the chest is sure to become a staple in your everyday wardrobe. It’s simple, but it’s elegant. Mytheresa.com


Abercrombie was once the destination for skimpy swimwear, and a key supporter of a shirtless life. Since then, Abercrombie has rebranded and modernized its vision to become a reliable supplier of preppy, high-priced menswear. These ’90s-inspired pleated pants are a must-have item in Abercrombie’s focussed collections. They can be worn with either casual or smart-casual clothing, and look equally good with a white T shirt as with a pressed shirt. abercrombie.com


Are you feeling sassy in your style? These red and blue Jeans trainers are sure to make you swoon. These Adidas Originals are named after their natural ability to go with any type of jeans. If you are looking for a specific style suggestion, wide-leg blue jeans is the best choice. adidas.co.uk


Reiss Outlet Sale is a treasure trove for minimalist must-have items, including this Luis Hoodie. This warm piece, made from soft cotton with a tactile cord finish is sure to keep you cool in the face of the chill. Keep warm and prosper. reiss.com


Grenson’s Arundel sandals are perfect for pilgrim style just in time for Black Friday. These monk shoes are accented by a silver buckle and have an authentic feel. These shoes are a lucky turkey. Matchesfashion.com


This ERL shirt has a California-cool vibe running through every seam. It is LA more than any Hollywood sign or Cafe Gratitude. This piece is deeply inspired by the West coast’s most iconic city. It features the label’s Surf and Be Nice prints throughout, with subtle references to La La Land. Matchesfashion.com


Were we to stop praising the knit polo made from the parisian knit? We hope so. While the modernized polo is still popular, this Reiss outlet striped pick makes a great addition to your seasonal wardrobe. This piece is a must-have, featuring a sleek quarter zip fastening and a vibrant colour palette. reiss.com


Amiri’s vintage-inspired varsity jacket is sharp and stylish. It would look great in a lounge bar or hotel bar that’s set in the 1970s. This jacket is available in a tobacco brown color with fine black details and leather panels at the shoulders. It can be worn with bootleg trousers or a pair of louche, tousled hair. Mytheresa.com


AllSaints, patron saint of glam-grunge should be your first port-of-call for punk-lite outfits with attitude. AllSaints’ Santos Hoodie has been bleached to a tie-dye effect. This gives an Autumn/Winter look that is bold and monochromatic. allsaints.com


Percival’s pieces are characterized by a subversive preppy spirit. Here, an energetic spirit is interwoven with old-school Englishness. Percival’s Argyle Deck knit polo embodies the brand’s signature balance act. It is a modernized, pastel-hued version of traditional golfwear that can be paired with your favorite pair of chinos. percivalclo.com


Abercrombie’s rugby polo is sporty and fashionable in equal measures. It evokes the Americana feel of choreographed touch downs from a Thanksgiving episode of Friends. It’s simple, we are left wondering if it is more important than it already seems. abercrombie.com


Make your bathroom windowsill a gift with this Fiorucci washbag. This oceanic washbag is now 50% off and perfect for everyday use. Its tropical sunset print will add a touch vacation glamour to any location. The Angel logo is prominently displayed. It’s all heavenly. Asos.com


Tom Wood, a chic Norwegian brand known for its mix of precious and boxy shapes, is well-known for being a sophisticated brand that values functionality. The chunky, chain-link-constructed 9kt gold-plated Tom Wood bracelet makes an industrial statement and is lightweight. Matchesfashion.com


You may be familiar with everyday shirting but it is not the same thing. Arket’s short-sleeve, boxy-cut shirt is basically a style hack code to add some edge to your workwear. Add pressed trousers and a pair of chunky loafers. arket.com


Montblanc combines traditional Swiss craftsmanship with a modern, innovative vision to create luxury products. This messenger bag is made from smooth, black leather and can be used for all your daily commutes. It also has enough space for your tablet and other essentials. Theoutnet.com


You know that sunglasses don’t have to be for summer. Reiss Ellis sunglasses are the perfect pair to protect your eyes from the harsh winter sun. They have a square frame with a lot of style and functionality. It’s not too bad. reiss.com


This Jil Sander tote bag is perfect for those who don’t feel like a laptop bag is sharp enough. This tote is versatile enough to be used as a laptop bag, briefcase or weekend bag. Matchesfashion.com


This Arket shirt is both utilitarian and stylish. It’s a great addition to your autumn wardrobe. This lightweight shirt is perfect for layering under your favorite white tee, thanks to its inky biro blue hue and breathable cotton Oxford construction. arket.com


This Peruvian striped jumper is made of textural organic-cotton Boucle yarns. The Elder Statesman’s chunky knit piece is shabby chic. It features ribs at the crew neck and cuffs, giving it a laid-back luxury and effortlessness. Matchesfashion.com


In the universally-recognised colour of passion and love, Martine Rose’s vibrant red car coat is sure to inspire onlookers with all the emotions inferred by its colourway (as well as some major coat-envy). This piece is made from durable cotton twill and can withstand the rigors of autumn. It also ties in nicely with your commute on Number 55. Matchesfashion.com