This Week’s Top Menswear: The World’s Most Current, Coolest and Best

This Week’s Top Menswear: The World’s Most Current, Coolest and Best

19.08.2022 Off By manager_1

This week’s selection of must-have accessories and clothes.

  • Picante

You can dress like a PE teacher and feel like a God. Picante is a British sportswear brand that has been gaining more attention than a student teacher in netball classes because of its solid sportswear.

  • Universal Works

The big summer shirt is back. Universal Works’ famous polka-dots-in-bulking-season return on a camp collar shirt that’s classic and cool and just looks really great, to be honest.

  • Gucci

Gucci’s Seventies-free love/luxe at Woodstock fashion is where most of its fashion goes, but the latest Gucci watches are set in another decade. It’s the Eighties for Round-Face 25H in a boardroom and on the wrist a unnervingly well-suited woman with great hair and an unreasonable anger over a colleague’s eggshell business card.

  • Nike

Nike’s woven pockets shorts, which can be used as a cargo in stressful TV studios, are more than just a sound check.

  • Y-3

Yohji, we don’t deserve you.

  • Prada

Another great Mrs. Prada design is the louche Cuban collared shirts. This has been a trademark of the brand for many years. In fact, it was first introduced in 2016.

  • Arket

Even when the world is burning, shorts are not for everyone. Arket’s long, loose jeans are a great way to get some AC in your denim. These jeans are more refined than your average nu metal frat brother, and they’re a bit baggy.

  • Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant was never seen as the new queen in logomania. We are here, and it’s great. The acclaimed French designer balances big branding with the marque’s signature chill.

  • Alx

Matthew Williams, Givenchy’s creative director, has made Alyx more sporty and moody for the summer. It’s a Tshirt, which is far from slouchy, leather trousers. And it’s lavender. This is definitely not Givenchy’s favorite shade of pitch black. Alyx is a good boy deep down.

  • Arket

Although it may seem sacrilege to speak out, we are blessed now that the heatwave has ended. It means that we don’t have to slow cook in our own homes. It also means that a sweatshirt can be worn in the evening. Arket’s smart, but slouchy, heavyweight jumper is one of our favorite relaxed fits on this scorching, hot Earth.

  • Blood Brother

Blood Brother’s has had a loyal following since 2011. These shorts will show you why. This is sportswear that’s not dull or muted. It’s also a bit Nineties without being cloying. It’s simply great.

  • Paul Smith

An iconic denim shirt from one of Britain’s most renowned brands. Paul Smith is an expert in his field.

  • Maharishi

British cult label Maharishi has returned with a vengeance and an axe, and a new lease on life. It’s also rehashing all its Noughties party classics, such as this military deck jacket.

  • Hatton Labs

Hatton Labs, a London jeweller who re-polished and reenergised London’s diamond district is selling some great rings with some very bling gems. We love it.

  • Levi’s

Levi’s jeans are great. They are the best. The brand also excels at chinos with its straight legs and oatmeal color, putting them on par with the best.

  • Carhartt WIP

Have you ever dreamed of working at a gas station or how to escape your Kansas town? Carhartt WIP makes them possible. And it looks very professional.

  • Mackage

Mackage says to stick with what you are good at. Mackage is a Canadian outfit that makes great coats, sweaters, and hoodies. This is in canary yellow, with embroidered details all over, and it’s hard to resist.

  • Marni

This is Marni’s best, most boxy white Cuban collar. It also demonstrates her ability to make big wardrobe basics.

  • Edwin

Japanese denim is one of the most sought-after in the world. This is due to the fact that it is made on old shuttle looms with strong fabrics and natural colors. It’s even more beautiful when it’s in the hands of Edwin because it has a classic straight-leg fit.

  • Gucci

Gucci’s horsebit loafers, you know, the ones with the gold metal link at the front, are among the most iconic shoes ever made. A tasselled loafer can be just as striking at the Florentine label, especially if it’s bolstered by the house monogram print.

  • Pleasures

LA label Pleasures combines an American look with a cool, Midwestern, and slightly skate-tinted style to create a menswear brand.

  • Arket

Terry towelling feels a bit like Mr Ripley. This is a good thing. Arket’s boxier, more modern version is a lot better. It can still be used with all the contents of the suitcase, even if it’s full.

  • Goopimade

Goopimade, which has no connection to Gwyneth Paltrow’s jade egg truther, sells gorpy, over-the-top utilitarianism directly from Taiwan. Expect large technical jackets and larger wear-everywhere pants.

  • Due Diligence

A classic T-shirt by Due Diligence, a London-based label, says that “We have all the times in the world”. It is grossly false. It’s still a nice thought. The left-field outfit’s desire for p(arty boy) design – pink leather shirts and graffiti denim, ransom letter jackets, etc. – makes it even more appealing.

  • Barena

Even if the Sun consumed all of Earth, Italians would still be leaning on a crumbling Milanese wall, flawless, sweatless, effortless. How do they do this? Barena and other native brands, as well as lots and lots linen.

  • Teva

This is an ungodly hour on the Costa del Apocalypse’s eve. It’s the best time to grab Teva, a sandal label that’s less Jesus and more gorp.

  • KidSuper

KidSuper, a Williamsburg-based multihyphenate, has turned art school experimentalism into hypewear and smoked lots. The highlight of the show: A painterly sweater vest, which elevates the skater boy’s MO.

  • Arket

The best linen is linen that doesn’t look like it. As usual, wardrobe filler Arket offers the best (and most affordable!) option.

  • Butter Goods

Butter Goods has established its position as Australia’s leading brand with their skatewear, which is fun, wearable, and buzzy.

  • Palm Angels x Vilbrequin

Vilbrequin is the best of Monaco resortwear. It can be a little wavy as well, as demonstrated by the recent hook-up with Palm Angels, the grail label. Less Fairmont Monte Carlo, more Malibu.

  • Arket

The weather is changing rapidly. You want to be a smart man. You want to be a good man. You choose the Arket shirting, with its boxy cut, short sleeves, and built breeze.

  • Thisisneverthat

Thisneverthat is a South Korean label that uses a unique spelling to spell its name. It’s another example of Seoulful Workwear that reinvents classics. These are worker pants with subtle patchwork.

  • APC

APC: The founding father of Parisian minimalism and one that can be used on the less wealthy side of the channel. This foolproof denim shirt that any man can wear (and looks great in) is the proof.

  • Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton continues to build on the foundation laid by Virgil Abloh (the late creative director), and has created new addictions to the macassar-taurillon monogram families. The best, and easiest to carry, is the sharp, punchy microbag.

  • Manors

Manors is the latest brand to make sportswear wavy. It’s refreshing to see traditional golfwear in Tyler The Creator’s clubhouse. This collaboration has resulted with The Open. Yorkshire is home to many big knits.