Three Big Style Mistakes You Must Avoid When On Your First Date

Three Big Style Mistakes You Must Avoid When On Your First Date

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1. Graphic Tees

Middle-schoolers who are trying to find their identity will love graphic tees. Women know that a guy who wears a graphic shirt is saying “I need someone to care for me.”

Your graphic tees should be thrown out if you are over 24. For a few of your favorite band shirts, I will make an exception. Toss the rest.

It’s obvious that if you don’t feel comfortable in a graphic tee, then you should not wear it on your first date.

2. Holes

You should avoid wearing anything that has holes, even if you are going to a trendy new bar. This is mainly about jeans.

Some men can wear distressed jeans, but I avoid them. For guys between 20 and 30 years old, distressed jeans are more popular. A few men in their 30s and 40s look great with ripped jeans. But they are also extremely handsome, fit, have tattoos and have impeccable beards. This is a small fraction of the population.

Guys in their 30s and approaching 40 should choose crisp blue or black jeans instead of anything distressed. This is especially important for your first date. They will only “lose” points and you don’t want to play that game again on your first date.

3. Wearing what you would “normally” wear

My best friend wears a graphic shirt, baggy pants, and flip-flops when he’s not at the office. That includes dates. He’s single.

He doesn’t seem to understand the value in wearing nicer clothes on their first date. He is an absolute charm: he is super outgoing, friendly, great conversationalist, and a solid professional job. He wears a shirt saying “I do all my own stunts”, a baggy set of jeans and flip-flops with his dates.

His excuse? “I want a girl that likes me for who I am, not what I wear.” Which I can understand. And I agree.

He’s also a lawyer. He must be serious when he enters the courtroom. He wears a pressed suit with ties (it’s still too baggy but it’s okay). He could win the case in flip-flops but his ragged clothes won’t be an advantage.

Although dating is not a job per se, it is important to have the same mindset when you go on a date. If that’s not enough, consider this: Would you rather date someone who is self-respectful and puts effort into her appearance? What does it say about you if your girl is low on standards?

You don’t want to date a superficial woman. There is a big difference between wanting to be with a superficial woman and not wanting a man-baby.

Dating is all about information gathering, starting with the first swipe right. You must dress up if you want to attract women of quality. These style guidelines are great for first dates but should also be used in your daily life. You won’t have to worry about what you should wear to your first date. You will be compelled to look amazing.

What color should a man wear to his first date?

Black is a great choice for a first date. It is neutral, slimming and masculine. You don’t want to make her think you are a goth by wearing all black. A black shirt and blue jeans are a timeless combination that will suit all tastes.

Are jeans OK for a first date?

Jeans are great for first dates, as long as you don’t plan to go to a formal event. Don’t wear denim that is too worn or frayed.

Who pays the first date?

If the person initiating the date is paying, they should assume that they are. If you ask her to the date, she should expect you to pay, unless you have agreed otherwise. If she initiated the date, things can get a little more complicated. You should always be mentally prepared to pay the bill, and then adjust as necessary. It’s not a good idea to be surprised by the amount you are paying.