Three different ways to build a capsule wardrobe

Three different ways to build a capsule wardrobe

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Your capsule wardrobe should include a selection of these items if you like the “jeans with a nice top” style of dressing.

  1. Jeans: A selection of jeans is the best building block to your capsule wardrobe. While you may prefer a particular leg shape, we recommend having at least three to four pairs of jeans.
  2. Trousers: Both tailored and casual trousers are required. This is slightly different from jeans in that it’s less formal. To cover you for more formal occasions, you’ll need three to four tailored trousers. These can be cigarette trousers or palazzo trousers for day wear, as well as casual trousers like smart joggers, cargo pants, and cotton straight-legged trousers.
  3. Sweater/knitwear: Choose a selection of knitwear to match your jeans. A selection of sweaters is essential for evenings out. Although there is no exact number, it is important to consider how many sweaters you will need. You will only buy the pieces that you love, and you won’t go back to just a few comfies. To keep your knitwear looking new, fold it, use mothballs to cashmere, and shave the bobbles off.
  4. Blazer: A great tailored blazer can instantly elevate your look. A blazer that has great tailoring at the waist is a good choice if you have a pear-shaped physique.
  5. Tops/Blouses/Shirts: This is not as important as your knitwear. Jeans can be worn with almost anything, so choose your tops carefully. You can find five appropriate shirts for work, three to five tops for more formal occasions, and four casual tops that are suitable for weekends. You can have more if you wish, but there is no fixed number. Just remember to rotate your items.
Stylist’s tip:

A good pair of jeans can be a great foundation for a capsule wardrobe. Once you have found the right pair, they can be worn up or down. Pairs in darker colors, such as indigo or over-dyed black, are great for work. They can be worn with more traditional office trousers. For a professional look, team with a stylish blouse in silk, blazer, and boots to make it feel polished. The same jeans can be worn down with a jacket, t-shirt and trainers for weekend outings.


It’s a great time to start thinking about a capsule wardrobe. Your workwear may look different depending on what industry you are in. You can add personality to your workwear capsule wardrobe if it’s possible. But if you are looking for the perfect outfit to go to a job interview, or if you want to make 2022 the year that you get your work look in order, these are the best items to have in your workwear capsule wardrobe.

  1. Blazer: A blazer is a great way to instantly elevate any outfit, even if you keep it on the back of your chair at work. All outfits, from smart jeans to pretty blouse dresses, can instantly be given a blazer’s elegance.
  2. Dress: The obvious choice is a shift dress, but if your goal is to flatter your midriff with flattering styles, you will need to consider dress shapes. There is plenty of room for flexibility when it comes to choosing dresses for your capsule workwear wardrobe. You have many options. Find the right shape for you and make it your go-to workwear item. Keep at least three to four of these in your wardrobe.
  3. Tailored trousers: If you can find the perfect fit for jeans, you should add a few pairs of tailored trousers to your closet in neutral tones. These will be the foundation of your work capsule wardrobe if you prefer trousers to skirts.
  4. Skirt: Although the pencil skirt may seem like a must-have, it is very versatile and can be swapped for a midi, full-skirted, or A-line silhouette. You should consider buying 2-3 neutral-tone skirts that can be paired with tops, blouses, shirts and knitwear.
  5. Shirts, blouses and tops: Here’s where it gets a bit more exciting. Tops and shirts can be infused with trend-led colors and prints, but you should keep your trousers, skirts, and blazers neutral. These pieces can be slightly less expensive to make you feel like you have the ability to update your wardrobe frequently.
  6. Smart Coat: You’ll need a winter coat if you commute to work. An outerwear piece that is well-made and cared for should last at least a few seasons. A classic, tailored style such as a camel jacket will look great from autumn to spring. For timeless style, consider a Burberry trench coat for warmer months.
Stylist’s tip:

The fit is the most important thing when choosing the right blazer. To determine which style is best for you, consider your body. If you have a larger bust, longer sleeves will allow you to reach your chest more comfortably. A blazer with a longer sleeve will help to lengthen your torso. If your shoulders are wider, a blazer with a long hemline will be more flattering. You should also consider whether you will wear the blazer buttoned or undone. If you choose the former, size up to prevent buttons from pulling down your middle. Blazers can be incorporated into many outfits, so you should mix and match your existing wardrobe.


If you are a committed to the dress and skirt lifestyle, your capsule wardrobe might look very different. Dresses are a favorite of many women because they make you feel put together. The first step is to choose the right shape and color for you and then build a collection. Next, it’s time to style them differently for different occasions. You might think that dresses are your complete outfit. You can add your own style to your dress capsule wardrobe. Layer dresses for maximum versatility. If you are a fan of skirts or dresses, here’s what should be in your capsule wardrobe.

  1. Dresses: Of all different descriptions. Find out what shape you are and how it suits your body. For example, someone with an apple or hourglass body might prefer a more a-line or fit-and flare shape to highlight their curves. While those with a rectangle may choose more tailored designs like slip dresses or shirt dresses, they can still look great. Think about your length. Are you a midi, maxi, or midaxi wearer. You can layer and adjust all of these.
  2. Skirts: Just like dress wearers, it is important to determine what type of skirt you prefer. A-lines look great and flatter all body types. They highlight the waist and skim the hips. Full skirts balance a wider top and give the illusion of having hourglass curves. While they are perfect for showing off your figure, pencil skirts can be quite formal. To create the illusion of a gown, you can use print coords and tonal matching pieces.
  3. Cardigans: More comfortable than a jacket, cardigans make the cotton shirt dresses and full skirts that you purchased for summer more wearable in fall. Cropped cardigans this season will highlight your waist. You can style them with many different pieces by adding neutral colors to your collection.
  4. Roll necks/tops: Lightweight dress? For colder days, layer a long-sleeve or roll neck top underneath. This transforms the summer dress that you thought you would have to put away into a Fall or beyond. To highlight your waist, tuck tops and roll necks in skirts.
  5. Sweaters/knitwear: How is sweaters different? You might consider wearing one of your finest cashmere sweaters over a dress. It makes your dress appear like a skirt, which opens up new styling possibilities. If you are having trouble fitting in your sweaters and losing your waist, consider putting on your dress first. Next, add a slim belt to your waist and then a sweater. The sweater can be tucked under the belt to secure it. This will create a flattering shape that instantly improves your body. To bring your waist back, but keep your look relaxed for skirts, you can half-tuck your skirt into your skirt.
  6. Jackets/blazers for tailored skirt and dress wearers: A jacket or blazer can be a great way to add some formality to your look. But don’t be afraid of layering with leather, denim, or trucker jackets to further enhance your dress or skirt wardrobe.
  7. Boots: Although boots are great for capsule wardrobes, you should also have a selection of boots if your style is more dressy or skirt-oriented. You can wear them with any length. To make lighter pieces more suitable for colder seasons, you can add opaque tights.
Stylist’s tip:

I pretty much live and breathe in skirts and dresses. In summer, I let lighter-weight dresses shine by combining with sandals or simple jewelry. But in the cooler months, I love layering to increase their longevity. It’s a great way to help those summer prints live on through the winter, cheering down darker days.