Three Tips for Thrifting if You’re Plus Size

Three Tips for Thrifting if You’re Plus Size

20.10.2021 Off By manager_1

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It can be fun to thrift for plus-size fashion. We should give a round of applause for thrift shops across the country that make an impact on plus-size fashion.

Thrifting is a popular way to shop plus-size fashion and sustainably. As more people consider ways to shop environmentally friendly, budget-friendly, and the best selections for them, thrifting will be a popular option. Our early thrifting adventures led us to realize that we were passionate about the ‘hunt’. We found a variety of plus-size clothing options in thrift shops that had bold details and colors.

Even if your skills are excellent, or you are just starting out in thrift shopping, it can be overwhelming to find the right items. Over ten years of being devoted to plus size fashion, we have witnessed a rise in the availability and accessibility for plus-size items and selections at a variety of thrift stores across the country. Here are our tips and tricks for finding the best plus-size selections at thrift stores.

Three Tips for Thrifting if You’re Plus Size

Tip #1:

Create a plan for what you want to thrift during your search

Make a list of your clothes and make a plan for your thrift shopping trip. If you are looking to add more statement skirts to the wardrobe in the fall months, then make sure to visit the “Skirt Section” of the thrift shop. You can also find more blouses in the “Top” section of thrift stores if you are looking to expand your wardrobe. A game plan will help you reduce stress and increase your chances of finding the right item during your trip to the thrift shop.

Tip #2:

Look through the whole racks for plus-size fashion options

You might be looking for a specific size in a section, or on the rack. What we quickly learned in our thrifting journey was to pay attention to the entire rack for plus-size options. There may be items that have been stuffed in a rack too quickly or placed back in the wrong section of the rack due to high turnover thrift stores. It’s a good idea to go through all the racks and find the items that could be your most treasured possessions.

Tip #3:

 Round of applause for two-piece sets. Wear it together or separately.

Do you not love two-piece sets of clothes? The flexibility to pair them separately or together creates an air of boldness and offers many styling options. You will find them next to prom dresses and evening gowns. Be sure to check out the “Sets Section” section of the thrift shop for bold statement pieces that you can wear together or separately. These include blazers, tropicals, and pants sets that you can style in a variety of ways. You might be surprised. You might find the perfect size for your trip with these two-piece sets. This section is our favorite because it contains the most prized plus-size sets.

Thrift stores have made it their mission to provide size and section inclusion, selling everything from statement blouses to two-piece sets. Thrift stores can also be a way to ensure sustainable options are available in the fashion industry.