This $9 Mascara is all over TikTok

This $9 Mascara is all over TikTok

16.09.2022 Off By manager_1

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It can be difficult to find a reliable mascara that is both non-flakey and has a well-designed brush. There are not many options, considering mascara isn’t an investment product. You should toss it once every three months. Thankfully, drugstore mascaras are improving their game, with Covergirl Exhibitionist Stretch & One of the most popular is Strengthen Mascara ($9).

Covergirl is a trusted source for high-quality drugstore mascaras. This mascara is the latest to be popularized on TikTok. Many people love the mascara’s lash-extension effect. What makes this mascara stand out from others? For all details about this mascara, including the hype and our honest review, read on.

The Product

Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara has a Christmas-tree-shaped brush that coats every lash with no clumping. Its lightweight formula makes it easy to apply, without any smudges and flaking. Covergirl claims that this mascara can increase lashes’ length by up to 60%.

What is the difference between this formula and others? Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara adds length and volume to your lashes. The product contains peptides and biotin as well as pro-vitamin A5. It’s not just designed to enhance your lashes’ appearance. It’s also designed to restore brittle lashes and prevent them from breaking in the long-term.

The hype

This product quickly gained a five-star rating on TikTok. @j9homiemakeup said it best: “This mascara does everything. It volumizes. It lifts. It stretches your lashes. You get a bonus: Your lashes are protected from breaking.”

@wingitbeauty, another TikTok beauty influencer, called the formula her “latest obsession with lashes.” Her favorite part? The tapered shape of the wand. “See how it taper towards the end? This allows me to reach every lash individually. This brush is “no lash left behind”, in other words.”

TikToker Tara Sigari also loves this mascara. “This mascara is amazing.” She said, “It really does stretch every lash of mys.”

TikTok is not just about the results. It’s also about the application process. The product was also raved about by @theblondemann, the creator of this content. “Other mascaras are having their moments, and that’s fantastic, and I applaud them. This one is better than them all.”

The Review

My must-have is mascara. I love mascara with a price point that’s affordable and has straight lashes. This formula was gaining popularity on TikTok so I knew I had got to try it. For anyone who wants to increase the volume and height of their lashes, Strengthen Mascara can be a great choice. This mascara is easy to use because the brush design allows you to target and coat every lash.

Although I noticed some clumping in my lashes, especially on coat number 2, it was not too severe. This formula is very long-lasting. It lasted several hours and my lashes looked fuller, longer, and without any flakes after I wore it. All things considered, I totally get the hype.