The Best Backstory of TikTok’s Favorite Throwback Blush

The Best Backstory of TikTok’s Favorite Throwback Blush

16.09.2022 Off By manager_1

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TikTok’s discovery of trends from your childhood makes it easy to forget about the first grey hair. Even though I’m in my 20s, I have seen the revival of everything, from gauchos and bump-its. Sometimes, the throwback version seems even more outdated. TikTok will sometimes rediscover an old treasure, and not just revive a trend.

Benefit’s Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain ($18), a multi-use beauty staple, has been a favorite staple for no-makeup-makeup fans since its 1970s debut. Although the product has been popular since its commercial release, every few years a new generation of beauty lovers discover it and take it seriously. TikTok is currently obsessed with the multipurpose tint and has poured millions (and even millions) of views into Benetint demos. Below, Aboutfash explores the surprising sultry history of Benefit Benetint and TikTok’s obsession with it. We also explain why it will continue to be in makeup bags for many years.

Benetint’s Origin Story

You must understand the history of Benetint to fully appreciate its power. Jean Ford and Jane Ford, twin sisters, founded Benefit on the principles of self-expression and fearlessness. Maggie Ford Danielson (Benefit’s Brand Ambassador) explains that the Benetint’s natural look was created by an exotic dancer who came to the shop in 1976 looking for tips on how to make her nipples standout on stage. Jean and Jane made a soft red stain from rose petals. Word quickly spread.

Danielson says that the stain was shared by dancers and quickly became a beauty essential. Although the shade selection has expanded over the years, the original Benetint shade remains the most beloved. This is due to its universally flattering shade and skin-like finish.

Where It’s Been Seen

To be completely honest, I don’t know when but the first time that I saw Benetint was in an actual catalog. I was helping an elderly friend choose makeup for her prom. The cheeky Benefit names and the radiant glow of the models had me completely captivated. If you are just starting to learn about Benetint these days, it is likely that it’s via TikTok. It makes complete sense.

There are so many TikTok trends today (sunburnt blush and “clean girl” aesthetics, etc.). All of them put natural-finish products such as Benetint in the forefront. TikToks about Benetint seem to focus on how convenient and visually pleasing the lips-cheeks-eyes-nips tint is, showing off different shades, finishes, and application techniques.

How to Use It

There are tips and tricks that will maximize the color payoff and stay power of Benetint, no matter if you’re an experienced user or new to it. Preparation is key when applying Benetint to the lips. First, exfoliate gently. Next, apply it under a gloss or lip color. Danielson recommends that you outline your lips, fill them in and then apply Benetint at the intensity you desire.

Benetint can be used as a blush over cream-based foundations or tinted moisturizers, but it is best to use it under powder foundation. The brand currently has six different versions of Benetint available in a variety of shades and finishes to suit different skin tones.

It’s almost impossible to use Benetint in an improper way. The versatility and ease of application of the product is a major reason why it has been so popular. Danielson shared that Benetint was her first true makeup when she was a teenager, and it is still a key part of her daily routine. “It has stood the test of times through the decades and all kinds of beauty trends,” Danielson says. There are signs that it will remain this way for a very long time. Benetint could actually outlive us all.