Trend Reports on Top 4 New York Fashion Week S/S 2022 Runways

Trend Reports on Top 4 New York Fashion Week S/S 2022 Runways

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The New York Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022 has been revived after a long gap. Lockdown caused us to feel that the fashion industry had lost direct communication with consumers.

It was an impressive start, full of energy and hope for a better fashion industry. We couldn’t have asked for more from the designers who worked tirelessly to present their ideas in new design concepts and themes. This is because of how the pandemic has affected consumers’ lives and why we need new optimistic eyes to see the future.

This is an opportunity to recognize the designer’s efforts to meet consumer demand and attract youth buyers while also being relevant to market by creating something beautiful, glamorous, especially considering that covid 19 had a severe impact on the supply chain.

Our consumer analysis shows that the pandemic has changed our desire for freedom and outdoor living. This can be further confirmed by the recent surge in American and European tourists. We also see the return of romanticism among youth, as well as nomadic joy, at the new York fashion week.

Anna Sui’s S/S 2022 Exhibition featured dresses, shoes and accessories with joyful motifs and bright colors. The use of lace fabrics in their swimwear-inspired dresses resembling festive moods was also evident.

Skateboarding and grunge fashions are expected to be a major trend in the youth fashion market. Consumers may also be concerned about the regulation of freedom, as the government has covid management rules that led to consumers believing their rights were being compromised.

This is creating an anti-fashion mindset and anti-establishment mentality that is manifesting itself in youth clothing styles. It is about to change the face of fashion.

Designers are showing that freedom is the prevailing trend in the coming seasons with wide-leg denim shorts and unbuttoned shirts, or extra loose jeans with bralettes as seen in the Coach collection.

New York Fashion Week SS 2022 color direction

Bright tones are the defining feature of this festive season for young gen-g markets. This was evident in Anna Sui’s and Collina Strada’s shows, where bright reds and oranges dominated the runway.

As seen in Gabriela HEARST, Altuzarra and Adam Lippe’s shows, bronze is the dominant tone of the Season. It’s accompanied by Pastel colors of pink, green, silver-gray and yellow.

Tory Burch – Feel at Home

The Feel at Home theme is the key theme.

Key details- Tory Burch’s show featured a long button collar coat with a belt at the waist, paired with a marigold top, black cigarette pants and a burgundy long sailor jacket, long sleeve blouse with light beige flat front trousers. The overall direction for the season is a cotton shirt cropped jacket, a Madras long skirt in duo fabric, and a burgundy puffy top with short sleeves.

Color Directions: burgundy and ecru, oak, marigold and brass

Print- Plaid Madras print. Optical illusion Check Print.

This collection is all about no-nonsense. The opening looks are a white cotton shirt, cropped jacket, Madras long skirt in duo fabric, Madras long sleeves in duo fabric, and burgundy puffy short sleeves top with ecru trousers.

Tory explains that Spring-Summer 2022 collection is empowering women. She also cites freedom in clothing choices and self-expression as key directions for the season.

Tory Burch’s collection is centered on women empowerment. She discards the rules of what women should wear and instead focuses on empowering women to solve problems in their own lives.

Burch spoke highly of McCardell, who infused a sense of freedom, encouraged self-expression and empowered women with casual elegance that was as important today as it is in the 1940s. McCardell provided new ways for women to dress in the postwar period.

Burch designed the store to feel like a home. This is to create immersive experiences for younger customers who don’t want to leave their homes. Burch selected the furniture – pottery, ceramic, tables and art pieces – in the arts and crafts style for her collection presentation outside her New York store. Miranda Brooks, an artist, created a garden area just behind the store to reflect the natural beauty of Valley Forge, PA.

This concept aims to recreate a Sunday market atmosphere in the community where families gather and enjoy the diverse offerings made by hand.

Burch brought home her products, which include streamlined clothes and functional accessories such as her ballet slippers, best-sellers, or the Lampshade bucket bag that is an inverse of her 1950s-inspired lampshade cap. This application focuses on how the different clothes can be combined or worn together in everyday life for women of all ages. The clothes combined the ideas of versatility and functionality.

The long, ecru button collar coat is belted at waist and paired with a marigold blouse. Or you can wear black cigarette trousers with a burgundy Sailor Jacket long sleeve blouse and light beige flat front pants. The main silhouette is a straight line of a blue knit elbow-sleeve shirt with a long blue and white checker printed long pleat skirt.

Plaid Madras mix with red cotton to create a long dress that offers contrast in color and texture. The fluid brown and light yellow block jersey blouse is worn over Fuschia pajama pantyhose.

Anna Sui- New Joy

Key Theme: hippie daydream, free love, and sunshine

Anna Sui looks ready to travel in summer: The endlessly whimsical designer’s spring 2022 collection was an ode of free love and sunshine. It was a hippie daydream, captured through the lense of modern wanderlust. The first bright pink look, a crocheted bikini, a surf shirt and straw hat, set the tone.

The 70’s vibes were not limited to knit bikinis. We saw a lot of wrap, calico and shift dresses as well as jackets with large collars and wide-leg, high-waisted pants with flower-power prints.

The overall look is eye-catching and easy on the eyes. However, it’s worth paying attention to the details. Anna Sui’s prints and lace patterns are always made with love. But this season, the designer was especially joyful about the return to in-person events and spring travel.

She often researches illustration and design styles from certain eras and cultural scenes. The resulting graphics, which include a logo for a smoothie shop called “Sweet”, feel completely on-point and immersive. Perler-bead belts and jewelry were so creative, playful and appropriate for the era. Knit flowers flourished.

The designer managed to keep the design from falling into kitsch or cheesiness. This was achieved by paying attention to details and adding modern touches to the designs. Anna is embracing her love for Tevas this season through a collaboration by the fashionable sandal brand.

Socks with sandals are here to stay. The looks make sense once again. In fact, the brightly printed socks seem to tie the outfits together. Water-bottle holders and the stunning execution of one prairie dress in fine sheer fabric are two other modern details.

Brandon Maxwell: A new Bright world

Key Theme : A new world is waiting for you

The key items: Mini coats, sweaters and Trench gleamed Tuxedos.

Key Prints: Gingham and psychedelic checks.

Mushroom Print: New and Important

If this is Brandon Maxwell doing then it’s a “psychedelic” mini dress with a shiny, gingham mini coat and a sweater over the shoulders. We are fully supportive. Maxwell took things one step further for Spring 2022 by adding a lot of shine and mind-bending prints.

Maxwell’s overall look is glamourous, with a ready-to party look. However, very few of the appearances featured fluid skirts or dresses. Soft glossy leather was used for short jackets and trench coats, while polyester was a rare choice.

Models walked in a pleated lame, with micro feathered skirts that peeked out underneath long sweaters. A shiny alligator-embossed yellow trench sparkled, and tuxedos were paired with bra tops.

A mushroom print was found! Is it a zebra print? Or is it just swirling lines of black and white? Each look was a reminder of how we used to go outside once in a while and that we will be out again, preferably by Spring 2022.

Many of the looks were layered with a few sweaters tied across the shoulders. Maxwell also styled the collection along with his team and “lots of palo Santo.”

Michael Kors Collection- Modern Luxury

Key Themes: Outdoor Oasis and Sartorial Romanticism, Women Empowerment.

Key details: A three-piece skirt suit featuring a strapless bandeau instead of a traditional blouse. The separates show off the midriff. Under a white tuxedo, a silver-embroidered bandeau with crystal lapels is paired with a white tuxedo.

Color- dark camel, soft pink, black

Spring 2022 season: The sartorial language and actual clothes will be spoken by the young set of women who are entering the luxury fashion world.

“I believe we are all ready to concentrate on the simple, powerful pleasures that love offers – love for each other, romantic love, and love for the places that support us. In my case, New York City. It’s an exciting thrill to witness the rebirth and resilience of the city and fashion industry through a live runway show.”

The S/S 2022 collection is a tribute to spring in New York City. The energy, the mix, the romance, and the laid-back glamour.” Michael Kors showcased the collection in the Terrace at Tavern in the Green in the middle Central Park. This iconic location is the heart of the city.

The Terrace was transformed into an outdoor garden filled with overgrown vines and planted roses. Chuck’s Famous Brownies were served to guests. This is a speciality of God’s Love We Deliver, a charity that has been feeding AIDS families and patients since 1981.

Ariana DeBose, original Hamilton cast member and the upcoming Steven Spielberg musical adaptation of West Side Story, performed a musical set just before the supermodels walked the runway with the new collection. DeBose performed jazzy ballads by Nat Cole-King, Niina Simone, and “Somewhere” from West Side Story’s Broadway version.

Kors’s collection is overtly seductive. Dresses were shown with high-thigh sleeves. Black leather slashed sheath; a black viscose bodysuit; a tulle skirt showing the floral paillette embroidery beneath. Or the black and brown bonded lace sheath dress with a slit that exposes almost the entire model’s right leg.

There are separates and garments that show off the midriff in this collection. Under a white tuxedo, there is a silver-embroidered bandeau, with crystal lapels. A black and white gingham stretch viscose pullover and matching short, or a camel cashmere jacket and mini skirt. Three-piece skirt suit with a strapless brace. This can be used in place of a traditional blouse, mock neck fitted knit or traditional blouse.

There are only two types of tailoring: simple and slouchy. This could have been a straight, single breasted light pink jacket skirt suit or a long tailored floral cotton eyelet cover.

Menswear takes on the classic pantuit with the dark camel double crepe vest, blazer and trouser. There are a variety of Kors dresses, from fitted sheaths to strappy knee-length gowns.

An embroidered camel lace tank with matching flora skirt and matching lace paillette tank could have been a sheath gown, now split into two pieces to showcase the summer tan.