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person in black leather boots standing on brown sand

Transitioning from summer to the colder months can bring many unpleasant changes, including prolonged darkness, frigid temperature, and a dearth of ice cream vans. It does have one redeeming quality, despite all the flaws of autumn/winter. It equips you with a bombproof excuse to treat yourself to some new, seasonally-appropriate stompers. Shoes are often an expensive purchase. We’ve compiled seven trends that you should consider for this season.


Even if your only purpose is to get to work, it’s a comforting thought to know that your shoes would be able to withstand the challenges if you were to end up halfway up K2. It’s a feeling of security that luxury hikers offer by the boot-load. Daniel Johnson, personal stylist, says that hiking boots are a great investment. They are a better alternative to wellington boots, and they don’t blur the style between country and city.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to style a bulky boot like a hiking boot. To avoid being out of proportion, keep your clothes layered and do not wear skinny jeans. If you don’t want to look like you’re trying to compete in the Three Peaks Challenge, it’s worth learning more about a wool blouson rather than a technical jacket.


The rise of clothing rental services and the extinction rebellion protests has led to a revival in heritage shoemakers, who have centuries of experience behind them. Daniel Willis, a John Lewis footwear designer, says that there is an overall trend towards authenticity and sustainability. “Consumers want a more thoughtful approach to what they purchase: less fast fashion and more product with a purpose.”

Longevity is key, not only are classic silhouettes updated using natural materials like vegetable-tanned leather or natural crepe soles. People want repairable constructions like a Goodyear Welt, which allows soles to be replaced. Vibram soles are long-lasting and are the best you can find.


3D technology is quietly changing the way people wear shoes. 3D footwear refers to shoes that have elements digitally printed, including the sole, for better cushioning. John Brotherhood, Head of Footpatrol’s buying department, says that technology advancements are causing brands to look for new ways to use these production processes to create a new kind of footwear.

Adidas is a leader in this field. In 2018, Adidas released the first mass-market 3D printed shoe. Stella McCartney, New Balance and others are following their lead. Although it took some time to reach this point, 3D appears to be here to stay.


Do you remember a time when every designer and their dog attached brightly-coloured Vibram soles to Oxford shoes? We don’t want to see it happen again. However, we are happy to share this updated, subtler interpretation of the trend.

“Chunky footwear is back in fashion, but super thick-soled sneakers, like the Yeezy V3, are going to be on-trend this season again,” Ridwane Ettoubi (founder of Presented by London’s sneaker shop). “The more rugged and outdoorsy look has been slowly gaining popularity in fashion, and it is now a trend that has finally made its way into streetwear.”

The chunky sole is not only for sneakers. Expect to see classic silhouettes taking on larger soles, such as cleat soles on leather loafers or Chelsea boots with welly-like underfoot grips. The future is bright and the future is chunky.


An old, drab patchwork blanket may be the best place to find style inspiration. You can’t deny that these sneakers are the best of the season. Ettoubi says that panelled or patchwork sneakers will be a big trend this season. It’s experimental, different and looks great. This is what people want now, something new.

Brands are also adding DIY flair to the trend by including velcro patches that allow you to personalise your sneakers.


The words “running shoe” and “twist” were used in the past to describe to your sponsor charity why you had to pull out of a marathon. This season, however, is different. Old-fashioned sporty styles are gaining popularity again, and they look as good on the catwalk now as they did in 1981’s Great North Run.

Richard Jones, Selfridges’ buying manager, says that this trend is growing rapidly. “Brands are referring to traditional performance shoes and updating them with new materials. This trend has been growing steadily over the past few seasons. With new technology constantly hitting the market, and new styles quickly becoming cult status, I expect this trend to stay around for a while.”

If you purchase a pair of jeans in muted colours, it will be more difficult to find clothes that match the throwback shape if they aren’t. A pair of cuffed, selvedge jeans, grey sweatshirt, and dad cap are a winning combination for everyday style.


Minimalism has fallen in line with the strong resistance of roll neck-wearing and Northern European social media influencers. Sneakers made of sleek leather are no longer in fashion. Instead, earth-rattling models are bringing back Britney Spears’s style shoes.

Harriet Byczok, who has shopped for A-list celebrities and dressed them for everything from red carpet events to magazine covers, said that the trend for bulky kicks won’t be going away. While some of the more unusual colours can be a little difficult to wear, a pair of box-fresh white sneakers will let the shape speak for itself.

These beetle-bruisers, who are unruly and edgy, will dictate the style of your entire outfit (and we don’t mean to say no suits). You can match yours with cropped trousers and a logo-hoodie.