Experts Shared Their Top Hair Care Tips

Experts Shared Their Top Hair Care Tips

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Bad hair day is real! Isn’t it? Do you find the voluminous, bouncy hair models in hair care ads to be a distant dream? Most of them go a little too far, we agree.

Hair care professionals believe that healthy hair is possible with proper care. This article contains a list of top tips for hair care.

Dos and Don’ts for Hair Care

1. Wash Your Hair Regularly

Regularly washing your hair will ensure that you have clean hair and scalp. The frequency you wash your hair depends on the type of hair and your personal preferences. Limit your washing frequency to once a week if you have very dry hair. Washing your hair on alternate days is a good option if you have oily scalp.

2. Use chemical-free shampoos

Although you cannot control the environment that can cause hair damage, you can control the shampoos you use. Your hair will be healthier if you use less chemicals in your shampoo. Choose gentle shampoos that are suitable for your hair type.

Shampoos contain parabens and sulfates, which are used to lather and preserve. However, they can cause irritation and increase the risk for hormonal disruptions.

3. Make sure you condition correctly

Conditioners contain ingredients that will make your hair straight and manageable. It protects hair from heat styling and environmental aggressors. It should only be used on the ends of your hair, and not on the scalp. It is important to thoroughly rinse the product off after application.

4. Natural Hair Drying

Blowing dry your hair will make it look as gorgeous as your idol on-screen. But excessive heat styling can damage your hair scalp. If you must style your hair, limit it to the most important events. After shampooing, towel drying is the best option. Do not comb your hair wet or sleep with wet hair. You can damage your hair’s cuticle by rubbing it with a towel. Be gentle.

5. Oil Your Hair Properly

Oiling and massaging your hair before you apply shampoo can improve blood circulation, reduce stress, increase shine, and nourish the hair. It helps to restore moisture, stimulate hair growth, and repair split ends. There are many options available: coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. Avoid mineral oils for your hair.

Pro Tip:

Warm oil can be applied to your hair once in a while. To let the oil work its magic, wrap your head in a towel. To soothe your cuticle, you can use a mask before shampooing. It reduces friction between hair strands when shampooing.

6. Make Use Of A Wide-toothed Brush

Wet hair can be fragile and easily broken. After your hair is dry, use a wide-toothed brush to brush it. This comb will not damage your hair.

7. Style your hair naturally

You can’t beat those perfect curls and waves. These beautiful curls and waves can be achieved without using heat. Here’s how:

You can still use a curler, straightener, or blow dryer if you have not yet invested in a heat protector serum.

8. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Split ends can be removed by trimming your hair every 6-8 week. Split ends occur when hair is damaged by heat styling, smoking, stress, and other factors. The hair does not grow faster if it is cut. Trimming ensures healthy hair.

9. Get More Water

For healthy hair, you need to hydrate both internally and externally. Good hair health is possible despite using oils and hair products that hydrate. However, it is important to drink at least 3 litres of fluids daily.

10. Be Healthy

As long as we are writing about hair care and skin, we will keep repeating the phrase “You are what you eat”. Your hair is composed of proteins and amino acid. Your hair needs to be healthy and grow well. Healthy hair can be obtained from berries, nuts and sweet potatoes, as well as eggs, berries, berries and green leafy vegetables.

11. Hair caps/hats

Your hair is just as susceptible to the damaging effects of sunlight. The sun’s harsh rays can dry out your hair, making it dry, brittle, and damaged. Protect your hair by wearing a hat when you go outside. Caps are a good way to protect your hair from the chlorine in a swimming pool. Your hair is not good for you if it has been exposed to chlorine water.

12. Use Hair Bands

Although we love our natural hairstyles, it is important to protect your hair from environmental aggressors. Instead of using plastic hair ties, use fabric ones. When making a ponytail, or any other style, don’t pull too tightly.

13. Dry Your Hair With A Hair Wrap or Old T-Shirt

This one is new. You can dry wet hair with your t-shirt. Traditional towels can damage hair and cause hair cuticles to become rougher over time. Don’t throw away your old, soft t-shirts!

Wrapping up

Bad hair days can be avoided by using the right products for your hair, eating right, and avoiding heat styling. Most importantly, consult your doctor if your hair suffers from excessive loss or damage, even if you have a great hair care regimen. You can celebrate your hair no matter what.