Healthy Appearance is the New Trend For 2022. What Else?

Healthy Appearance is the New Trend For 2022. What Else?

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It’s the end of 2021 and 2022 is looming, so it’s time for us to get out our crystal ball to predict what the future holds. The new year will be dominated by beauty trends. 2021 was all about home skincare, using sunscreen religiously, middle parts, soap eyebrows, and lots of blush. What is the outlook for 2022? We spy with our little eyes…

  • 70s Blot Dry

Farah Fawcett is an icon. You probably remember Farah Fawcett’s image best from Charlie’s Angels. Yes, her hair defied gravity. All of the above is true. We’ve seen a rise in voluminous, shagged and layered hairstyles in 2020, which were inspired either by the 80s mullets, or the 90s shaggybobs. The 70s-inspired bouffant hairstyle is now a hot trend.

This is the most important part. A voluminous, slender 70s hairstyle is all about volume and heavy curtain bangs. You will need to use roller brushes, lots of clips to trim every curl, and patience to achieve this look at home. You can ask your favorite stylist for the best cut and then do a 70s style on your hair. It is always available to help you find the best hairstylists around your area to fulfill your retro obsession!

  • Blue light skin protectors

You may now say, “Whoa! Hold your horses!” Blue light skin protection is really possible? Is this really what we are doing? Are we really proving this issue? Or are we just creating fear-mongering about something that doesn’t have any scientific support?

The visible portion of the light spectrum includes blue light. It is similar in wavelengths and intensity to the ultraviolet. While the sun is the most prevalent source of ultraviolet light in our lives, we also have exposure to light bulbs and other devices like smartphones and computers. While we do know a lot about the effects of ultraviolet light on our skin, including how it can damage its density, cause hyperpigmentation and even lead to skin cancer, there is not enough evidence to prove that blue light is equally harmful. We know that, even though blue light may not be the best for us all, it’s not our daily use of screens that is the problem. It is our dear friend, the sun. It is impossible to compare the dose – a casual stroll on a sunny day will provide around 1000x more exposure to blue light than sitting in front a screen.

Many brands have already started to promote “digital protectors”, or sunscreens that not only protect you from UVA and UVB radiations but also from pollution and blue light. You can decide whether you want to join this movement. You should always do your research and not blindly follow every skincare trend. Our team recommends that you take care of your sun protection and not just because of blue light concerns.

  • In-salon facials are making a comeback

As we mentioned, 2020 was a year for intensive at-home skin care. The effect of the at-home skincare varied depending on who you are. Some people found the perfect routine and now have glowing skin. Others fell prey to harsh products and need professional help. The skincare boom of the past two years has led to a lot of side effects, including excessive use of retinol or potent exfoliating acid. It’s a great combination with a lot of maskne (forgive our black humor) and a desire to go to beauty salons.

What type of treatments will be the most popular? The most popular treatments are professional-grade, gentle peels that can help rejuvenate your skin. There are many trendy services available such as oxygen infusions and vitamin mesotherapy. You might feel that you’d really enjoy a relaxing facial. Find the best salons near you and get the experience.

  • Pastel eye looks

Certain makeup styles never go out-of-fashion: a neutral smokey eyes is one, and a cat-eye another. Although they may be available in many different styles, the basic shape, tone, and intensity of the makeup will remain the same over the years. There are makeup trends that are specific and distinctive for certain periods. If you think of the 90s, your mind will picture dark brown lips with darker eyebrows and darker lipstick. You think of the 80s and you see intense blushes and cobalt eyes. When you think of the 60s, you picture Twiggy with prominent bottom lashes and peppermint shades, as well as graphic cut creases.

Eye looks in 2022 will heavily be inspired by 60s mod makeup, with the greatest emphasis on pastel colours. We’re moving away from “foxy eyes” and embracing a doll-like, rounder shape. Mod makeup is all about pastels and contrasted with thick, wispy eyelashes and graphic lines. You don’t have to choose from white, light blue, peppermint and turquoise. All pastel shades are acceptable, including blush pinks and electric yellows. This is the perfect way to make your eyes stand out for the new year. You can pair the modern makeup look with an intensely glittery shadow!

  • Thin eyebrows

Last but not least, some predict a huge return to the 90s-inspired thin eyebrows. Fear is a common reaction for those who bucked their arches in the first round. But don’t worry, no one will tell you to do it again. We won’t be going too far with brows that are extremely thin. It’s also true that large, bushy brows may not be the best choice for everyone. We are searching for the perfect fit for each person, and not a single answer. A slender, defined brow is desirable for some. This shape is something you’ve always loved, but you have been discouraged by the negative criticisms. Now it’s your turn! We encourage you to use pencils, shadows, shadows, and pomades to style your arches. You never know where your imagination might take you! You should allow yourself to experiment next time.