Watch this list of the most popular Apple TV Plus movies and shows right now

Watch this list of the most popular Apple TV Plus movies and shows right now

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Talking about Apple TV Plus’s best movies and shows used to take minutes, not hours. The conversation no longer revolves around Ted Lasso’s antics. We expected Ted Lasso season 3, but we were wrong. For All Mankind rose, Black Bird impressed, and Severance shattered our minds.

Apple TV slowly built up a library over the years since its 2019 launch. This is especially impressive considering its low monthly price of $4.99. CODA was awarded best picture at the Oscars 2022. We’ve compiled the best Apple TV Plus movies and shows that you can watch after CODA, if you loved it. These shows include great sitcoms, amazing films, and some surprising surprises. It turns out that music documentaries may be an Apple TV Plus core competency.

Although Apple TV Plus isn’t yet on our top streaming services list, it could be soon.


Shining Girls

Apple chose Elizabeth Moss to star in the time-bending crime series Shining Girls. This adaptation of Lauren Beukes’ novel is produced by Apple. Moss portrays Kirby Mazrachi (a newspaper researcher), who was the victim in this series. She suffered a terrible attack and is now struggling to cope. Her life details, including her current location, change without warning.

It seems that Kirby might find some answers to her cold case, which seems to be warming up as more victims are identified. She’ll need to solve the case for herself to find out. Kirby is beginning to look for clues despite the fact her attacker Jamie Bell seems to be living a life that is far more interesting than anyone else. Although the series’ mind-bending concept may seem confusing, Shining Girls is one of the best Apple TV Plus programs. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

The Essex Serpent

Cora Seaborne (Claire Danes), an elderly London widower, is forced to confront a murky situation after she investigates a local legend about a serpent abducting residents of Essex. She wants to use a scientific approach in her search but the townsfolk immediately distrust her.

She meets Will Ransome (Tom Hiddleston), a local vicar with whom she forms a bond. Her new friend, however, doesn’t seem to be able help her as much as she would like. Although The Essex Serpent is a short series, its first episodes are strong and we’re eager to recommend it.

The Afterparty

Reunions at high school shouldn’t be filled with drama, other than old rivalries and crushes that may be rekindled. However, the Afterparty is about the most unlikely high school reunion. It becomes a crime scene when someone mysteriously dies. What’s more? The whodunit can also be viewed as a comedy. Although we won’t reveal who dies, the show features a murder row of comedy greats like Tiffany Haddish and Sam Richardson. One had to die.

The Afterparty’s format makes it a great show to binge-watch. Each main suspect is interviewed and told their awkward reunion stories. The show then takes the form of their perceptions of the world. One episode is a romantic comedy and another is an action movie. One episode is animated adventure and another thriller. The Afterparty has been so popular that Apple TV Plus ordered The Afterparty season 2. Although it sounds like the series could have different casts over the seasons, it has been confirmed that Tiffany Haddish will not be the only returning cast member.


A poor work/life balance is the most frustrating thing in our daily lives. While some of us can take our frustrations with our bosses home on a nightly basis and others cannot stop working, others are able to work. Severance wonders, “But… what if there were another way?” You cannot achieve a healthy balance by seeking therapy. Instead, you must cut the nerves that link your work and non-work memories in your brain. This is Severance’s core, and you should watch it now.

Because Adam Scott is completely awkward in the role of Mark Scout, severance works well. Lumon employs Mark as a worker-bee, which means that Mark has two lives. Your “innie”, who is only working, lives a normal life. While your “outie”, who doesn’t know much about their day-job, lives the rest. Severance, Apple TV’s most popular show, is a less satirical spin on Black Mirror that is more terrifying and disturbing.

However, the Severance finale was one of TV’s most thrilling episodes. We were almost screaming at the TVs as we saw revelation after revelation, and the incredible performances by Zach Cherry and Britt Low made it even more intense. Severance season 2 is coming soon! We can’t wait for Severance season 2.


The Apple TV Plus’ attempt at a Broadway musical, especially mid-century musicals, should be made. Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key play a couple who go on a hike and stumble upon the mythical village Schmigadoon. They discover that anything, from a lover’s spat or a bowl full of corn pudding, is likely to spark a Broadway production. They discover that Schmigadoon is a place they cannot escape until they find true love. It is difficult to decide which discovery is more frightening.

Schmigadoon features a strong supporting cast that includes Broadway heavyweights like Kristin Chenoweth and Ariana DeBose, as well as Aaron Tveit. The references to everything, from Carousel to The Music Man and Oklahoma! Fly fast and thick. Even people who are hesitant about musicals will find their way to Schmigadoon’s songs.

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is the Apple TV’s most beloved show. This is the story of Ted Lasso, an American college football coach who finds himself in control of his head coaching other soccer (or football) in the United Kingdom. It’s likely to be the most popular Apple TV Plus series. It’s easy to see why Ted Lasso gained a large fan base in such a short time.

Ted Lasso arrived during the Covid-19 epidemic, when everything seemed hopeless. His brand of wholesomeness, both from the character and the show, was a winning strategy. Lasso was a coach for a losing team and his positive energy totally overcame the toxic masculinity that was about to destroy AFC Richmond. The show’s positive energy made it stand out among the sea of dull prestige TV (which we still enjoy). While season 2 was not always a hit with viewers, the second half was good enough to get us excited about Ted Lasso season 3.

Central Park

Central Park is a tailor-made park for musical and animated fans of Bob’s Burgers. It posits that families live in NYC’s most iconic park. It’s the Tillerman/Hunter family in this instance, which makes sense since Owen Tillerman, the patriarch, is the park manager (voiced by Leslie Odom Jr.). Owen is a bit like Bob Belcher. He doesn’t get much respect, but he does his best for the park. Central Park, with its great songs, fantastic cast, and lots of laughs is one of the most popular Apple TV Plus shows that people should be seeing.

The Morning Show

The Morning Show is a story about the reimagining of television. Not just the show-within a-show hosted and produced by Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston), but also the series. TMS’s first season focused on Mitch Kessler’s fall as a talk show host (Steve Carell), but the series was not meant to be that way. It was reworked after Matt Lauer’s misconduct.

The same thing happened in season 2. The Morning Show, which is required to be current, incorporated the Covid-19 epidemic into its story. Although the second season is more soapy than the first, it seems to have a better understanding of what kind of drama it is.

Mythic Quest

Mythic Quest is a top-rated show in the “shows we didn’t know we needed” category. It was because a series that focuses on the lives of video game developers wasn’t riveting. However, our opinions changed when we met Ian Grimm (Rob McElhenney), Poppy Li (Charlotte Nicdao), and the rest the dysfunctional Mythic Quest team.

McElhenney is not the only veteran from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. This is what makes Mythic Quest so special. Mythic Quest is executive produced by Charlie Day, Megan Ganz, and David Hornsby. Although Mythic Quest’s characters may be less sinister than those of the Sunny gang you can still see the great banter that that show brought to the table.


This short show, about America’s greatest poet, is fittingly poetic, beautiful, and brief. Hailee Steinfeld plays Emily, the misunderstood middle-child of her family. She has a penchant to write verses that go right to the bone (and the heart). Dickinson’s language, casting, and needle drops are full of anachronisms. They’re not jarring. Instead, they are a way for the modern viewer to connect with the still-relevant problems faced by young, ambitious, and talented women. Emily transforms her emotions into poems that transcend time as she struggles with her place in this world, her sexuality, and her legacy.


Beastie Boys Story

The Beastie Boys (MCA and Mike D) were one the most popular rap groups of that era. However, they never had the opportunity to tell their story until Spike Jonze’s feature. The film is not your typical documentary. It’s instead a recording of an actual live stage performance with Mike D and Adam Horovitz sharing their stories, with some archival footage added.


The acronym in the title means “child of deaf adult”, and in this instance, Ruby (Emilia Jones) is 17 years old. Ruby, who lives in Gloucester, interprets for her parents Troy Kotsur and Marlee Matlin. She also helps with the family’s fishing operation. Ruby’s parents are amazed at her passion for singing after she was encouraged by a music teacher. Her mother also asks Ruby if she would like to paint if her parents were blind. Ruby is torn between her dreams, and her family’s needs as she prepares for a large choir audition. This movie is one of the most memorable of 2021.

The Tragedy of Macbeth

I can tell you, as someone who has never been able to get a grasp on Shakespeare’s writing style, that The Tragedy of Macbeth, while not a fan of William Shakespeare’s works, is an amazing film. The Scottish Play’s director, producer, and writer Joel Coen gives it a minimalistic look. However, Denzel Washington’s powerful performance as Lord Macbeth makes the film so emotionally powerful, regardless of whether you can understand each line.

The Velvet Underground

The 2021 documentary The Velvet Underground, much like Beastie Boys Story is a great treat for the fans of the band. Director Todd Haynes has created a visually stunning collage using the material he was given. This is what contributed to the film’s success. Interviews with John Cale, Maureen “Moe”, and Tucker provide the film’s storytelling foundation.