Watches are about to experience the next big thing: The Colour Purple

Watches are about to experience the next big thing: The Colour Purple

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Watches are a fashion item, and colours change as quickly as fashion. Watches will always have a certain colour: black, silver and gold. Blue watches are also very popular. Recent trends have seen green dials in fashion. This is a natural progression of blue. It seems that purple is the next big thing.

Purple seems oddly chosen for a watch. Because it is difficult to match with other colours or garments, purple is a niche color that isn’t often seen in mainstream fashion.

It makes sense. It’s a high-end luxury product, and purple is associated with power, wealth and royalty for centuries.

The watch’s luxury is only heightened by the fact that it is difficult to match purple with other colors. It’s eye-catching. It’s a little outlandish… You have to be an iconoclast or really wealthy to afford such a rare colour for a high-end purchase such as a luxury watch.

It’s great to see watchmakers and watch enthusiasts being more creative with colours like purple. Any innovation that encourages innovation should be celebrated.

These are the hottest new purple watches from a variety of watchmakers. These watches are not limited to having purple dials. Some also have cases and straps made of purple. You can go all out if you want to go purple.

Audemars Piguet Autowinding Code 11.59

Let’s begin with Code 11.59 by Audemars Piquettet. The Code 11.59 was first launched in 2019. It has received mixed reviews from watch enthusiasts. While it is great to see AP do more than just Royal Oaks, the Code 11.59 design has been criticized for being too simple.

This is unfair, since Code 11.59 is deceptively complex. This clever case design features trick floating lugs and is called a’sandwiched”. A subtly double-curved sapphire glass. A design that combines octagonal design codes of the Royal Oak with rounded components… This watch is a true watch lover’s dream.

Another benefit of launching a new collection is the freedom it gives AP to experiment with different colours. This Code 11.59 18ct rose gold case features a smoke purple lacquered dial with sunburst effect, and a matching rubber-coated fabric band. It’s a wild combination.

TAG Heuer Monaco Purple Dial Limited Edition

TAG Heuer’s iconic chronograph in purple is one of the most talked about watches of recent memory. It’s also one that has gotten a lot of purple watch lovers thinking differently about purple.

The dial’s unusual colour is actually a nod to the early Heuer Monaco ref. 1113B and ref. 1533 Calibre 15, late 1960s and early 1970s. TAG Heuer explained that these Monacos had a metallic blue dial finish. Over time, this has shown a tendency for the colour to fade from blue to a more degraded purple colour.

It’s mounted on a black alligator bracelet and is retro and eclectic in all right ways. The TAG Heuer Monaco is one of the most beautiful purple watches available.

NOMOS Glashutte Club Blue Purple

NOMOS Glashutte, a cool German independent watchmaker, draws its inspiration from the Bauhaus movement. This is one of Germany’s greatest contributions to modern art. Although their pieces are hand-made in Glashutte, they are designed in Berlin. It’s easy to see the Berliner influence when you take a look at one of NOMOS’ watches. They are minimalistic, clean and sophisticated with a consistent, modern aesthetic.

The Club Campus collection from NOMOS is both one of the most affordable and most colorful. This Club Campus features a simple, legible dial at 6 o’clock and a small seconds counter at 6.

It measures 36mm in size and is perfectly suitable for both men and women. It is affordable, but boasts an in-house-wound, manually-wound movement that promises a 43-hour battery life and 100m water resistance. This watch is a great option if you are looking for a decent purple watch that doesn’t cost a lot.

Hublot Big Bang Unico Summer Purple

Hublot, the ever-eclectic brand, has never been afraid of experimenting with bold colours and new materials. This Big Bang Unico Summer Purple is an excellent example of this.

The case is made of lightweight aluminium and has an anodised and polished satin finish in a unique pastel purple shade. This not only makes it look great but also protects it from damage and scratches. The watch has purple elements, including the strap and chrono pushers, as well as the hands, numerals and indices.

This Hublot watch is available in two strap options: a leather-backed Velcro and Velcro strap, or a solid rubber strap with a titanium clasp. Both can be swapped out quickly thanks to the button-actuated quick-change mechanism.

Urwerk UR-100V Ultraviolet

This Urwerk is a high-tech alternative to Hublot. The UR-100V ULviolet takes the eye-catching, space-age UR-100 with its amazing planetary movement and turns it up a notch by dousing the watch’s movement and case in violet.

Each of the three hour-depicting satellites work as minute retrograde hands as they move across the dial. The next satellite will take over minute duties as the satellite passes 60 minutes. Once the 60th minute is reached, the minutes hand disappears and reappears as an indicator of the 555 kilometres traveled by each human being on Earth every 20 minutes. Spacey stuff.

Urwerk explained that the colour selection was inspired by villains such as Hawkeye, The Phantom, and The Joker. (Funnily, Robert Downey Jr., the Iron Man actor, is one of Urwerk’s biggest fans). This watch is exactly what we would imagine a superhero wearing.

anOrdain Model 1 Plum Fume

AnOrdian, a Scottish independent watchmaker, is known for making hand-made enamel dials. AnOrdain is the only watchmaker in the world that produces enamel dials in-house, outside of Japan and Switzerland. This speaks volumes about the Glaswegians’ skills.

AnOrdain is the only watchmaker to have created a fume dial in enamel, making this Model 1 very special. This model’s purple dial is a special feature. This watch is like a fine wine or precious garnet. It’s a purple beauty that is truly captivating to look at.

It might seem like this means that it will cost you a lot, but it isn’t outrageously costly. We can’t think a better watch if you want something different than the rest.

King Seiko Gradient Purple

The King Seiko Gradient Purple is the final watch on this list. King Seiko is a fascinating brand that was dormant for many decades until it was revived this year to the delight and delight of watch enthusiasts.

In terms of price and quality, King Seiko is somewhere between Grand Seiko and Seiko (although it’s closer to the former in that sense than the latter). The modern King Seikos, made in Japan with a distinctive 60s aesthetic are for iconoclasts and aficionados.

The retro look of this model’s mauve dial is only enhanced by its retro design. It’s light and refined and is a striking contrast to the more business-like and angular case.