The best Fitbits to reach your health and wellness goals

The best Fitbits to reach your health and wellness goals

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If you want to improve your health and fitness, the Fitbit is the perfect companion. There are many models available, so we tested them all and gave each a rating based on various factors. This will help you choose the right Fitbit for your needs.

When they first came out in 2007, Fitbits were the first fitness trackers on the market. The brand has continued to innovate 15 years later, with new features that make them an indispensable tool in any fitness arsenal. Tom Opper, personal trainer, and founder of Top Fitness, says that Fitbits are among the most popular fitness trackers. They allow you to track important benchmarks such as your daily steps. As the old saying goes, “What gets measured, gets managed.”

We’ve reviewed and tested the top Fitbit models with two fitness experts to help you choose the right Fitbit model. After consulting experts about important factors to consider we tested each Fitbit for a few weeks through different workouts, daily activities, and rated each model on a variety of factors that affect day-to-day usage.

Opper says, “Once you can clearly see how your performance in different areas each day, like sleep and activity, then you will have a clear benchmark on which to improve.” You’ll be able to identify trends and take steps to improve your performance over time.

We considered these things when evaluating the best Fitbits:

  1. A tracker that charges quickly and has a long battery life is crucial. This is where screen size and responsiveness play a major role.
  2. How comfortable it was to wear.
  3. Features: There are many Fitbit models on the market today. Some people will prefer a Fitbit with contactless payment, onscreen text messages and music streaming. Some people may just need a Fitbit to track their daily activity and sleep patterns. We’ve tested several Fitbits with various features.
  4. Accuracy in heart-rate monitoring: Opper says that more advanced models can track more details and compare your current heart beat to your normal maximal heart rate (MHR). This will allow you to determine how hard your heart is working at any given moment.
  5. Waterproofing: The majority of Fitbit models can be waterproofed, but it is worth considering, he said, “if swimming is a regular part of your exercise regimen, or if you just enjoy it as a leisure activity.”
  6. Built-in GPS or Smartphone GPS: “Some models have GPS built-in which is more precise for tracking distances than devices that use an accelerometer like many smartphones.”

Overall, best Fitbit smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa 3 is a great option for anyone looking to improve their fitness. It is a smartwatch, not a fitness tracker. The screen is square-shaped, rather than long rectangular, and makes it easier to navigate the menus. The Infinity water-resistant strap is included in the box. It can be used during workouts but must be cleaned afterward to avoid sweat buildup and chafing.

The Versa 3 offers all the features that you need in a fitness monitor, whether you are looking to get more sleep or do daily exercise. The Versa 3 has all the necessary features, including accurate heart rate monitoring and calories burned. They also display by default on your watch screen. It also includes GPS monitoring, voice assistant, active zone minutes and music-playing capabilities. It’s also waterproof and offers visual workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime via the app.

You can also receive text, call, and app notifications. You can also send quick responses from your watch when you connect to the app via Android. However, this feature is not available for iPhone users. This feature may be very important to you if you have an iPhone. You can compare Fitbits with Apple Watches to see if they offer a similar feature.

The app will motivate you to move for your next workout session. You can set daily steps, exercise goals or calorie-burn targets. It also keeps track of how far you have come in the week. This app is great for those who enjoy a bit of competition or feel the need to exercise. You will be supported and not scolded. You can choose to turn off notifications if you don’t wish this. Individual workouts can also be displayed automatically after you have started a workout. This allows you to see your stats and how many hours you’ve exercised that week or day.

Versa 3 is a great resource for learning how to relax your mind with guided breathing exercises.

Battery life is always a concern with any fitness tracker. We found that the Fitbit Versa 3 is much more reliable than we thought. The battery lasts for 6+ days, even if you don’t use the GPS all day. It charges quickly and can charge for a full day in just 12 minutes. We were impressed with the Fitbit. Although it is one of the more costly options, it is a great choice if you are willing to spend and want a smartwatch and tracker.


The Luxe is a fitness and fashion device. The Luxe is a smaller device than the Versa 3 and is a fitness tracker, not a watch. However, it has a longer charging time and has a lot of similarities.

The Luxe comes in a variety of wristband colors, including pink, white, and black. It’s also one of the few models that is also available in other materials. Opting for the Special Edition gorjana Soft Gold Stainless Steel Parker Link Bracelet strap will add another $70 onto the price tag at checkout but for those who want to an incredibly low-key fitness tracker-turned-watch, then this is a good pick.

Like many other models, Luxe can be taken swimming at the pool up to 50m. The app also features 20 exercise modes, real-time pace and distance monitoring for walking, jogging and biking rides. The app tracks your sleep, and can also input your menstrual data to give you a better picture of your overall health. Fitbit Premium offers even more insight with Fitbit Premium, which includes stress management tools, guided breathing exercises and call and text notifications.

It does not include an in-built GP, which can be a problem for people who are looking for equal fashion and fitness. Distances and steps may not be as precise on this model as they are on Charge 5.

Although the Fitbit Luxe is more expensive than other trackers, it’s well worth it if you are looking for a stylish and fashionable device. Although we loved the sleek and small design of the Fitbit Luxe, we were initially disappointed by the absence of a button at the side. The slim side button allows you to turn the tracker on or pause workouts. All you have to do is double-tap it. If you have used other trackers, it is a small feature that can take some getting used to.

The Versa 3 or the Luxe? After spending a lot of time with both, I advise you to decide whether you want a smartwatch that can replace your regular timekeeper or a fitness monitor to go along with your regular watch. The Versa 3 is the better choice.

The most advanced Fitbit tracker

Fitbit’s latest fitness tracker, the Charge 5, is now second only to Versa 3 as a smartwatch. The on-wrist ECG application is what sets this Fitbit fitness tracker apart. You can monitor your heart health with just a touch of a screen. This feature detects irregular heart rhythms and alerts you to it. You can then consult a doctor to further investigate the matter. The Charge 5 is designed for Fitbit users, while the Inspire is intended for beginners.

The Charge 5 features a DailyReadiness Score similar to the Inspire. This score provides personalized recommendations for when and how to exercise or rest based on your activity, sleep score data and heart rate. Smart notifications, GPS, heart rate and calorie tracking are all included.

Fitbit’s new launch includes a 6-month premium membership, which allows you to access more of your data and to use the Fitbit app to help you train. The normal price is $9.99 per month. After the trial ends, you will have to pay for the membership. This could be useful if you are completely new to nutrition and exercise, or if you just want to eat healthier.

Fitbit Premium members have access to more than 200 mindfulness sessions. Although this may seem like a lot, we found we stayed with the ones that we enjoyed, instead of scrolling endlessly for new sessions. Fitbit recently partnered up with Calm to offer subscribers access to their sleep stories. This is one of the best features of the app.

This Fitbit has one drawback: it doesn’t have many color options, just like other trackers. The Charge 5 smart watches are available in bright colors but only in black, white, or blue. The Versa 3 is available in a variety of colors, from pale pink to deep olive.

Best Fitbit tracker for beginners

The Charge 4 is the model that replaces the Charge 5. Although the tracker looks similar, some of its features are missing from the latest version. It’s still a great Fitbit, and an excellent tracker for your fitness.

We recommend the Fitbit Charge 4 for those who are new to smart watches, trackers and similar technology. The Fitbit Charge 4 has all the necessary features, including tracking steps, sleep, calories burned, heart rate, and calories. The tracker has built-in GPS and exercise modes so you can track everything whether you are running or doing Pilates. The tracker will give you a detailed sleep analysis and a score if you wear it overnight. It’s similar to the Versa 2 and has a vibration-only alarm that gently wakes you up each morning.

This is the best Fitbit for women looking to get all the benefits of a fitness monitor without the hassle. It’s worth noting that the screen might be a bit small, which could put off some customers.

Best budget Fitbit

The Versa 3 has all the bells & whistles of a smartwatch. However, the Fitbit Inspire 2 tracker is simple and easy to use. It also features a GPS, so you don’t have to leave your phone at home. It is sleek, compact, and stylish.

We found Inspire to be very user-friendly. You can simply swipe up and down to access all features. Or swipe left and right to quickly view the basics such as step count, calories burned, and distance walked or ran.

It’s similar in many ways to the Versa 3 in terms of features. The Inspire can be connected to your phone so you can receive texts and calls, and also see updates from social media on the screen. The Inspire is a great option if wellness is your goal when you purchase a Fitbit. It tracks your sleep and stress levels and offers recommendations and in-app scores. You can also get a Daily Readiness Score to see how well prepared you are for your next workout.

This Fitbit can also track your exercise, as it does with all Fitbits. The Inspire can track your exercise, whether you’re running, walking, or swimming.

The Inspire 2’s battery life is also significantly longer at up to 10 days. However, it’s important that you don’t use the workout program function for too long. For example, if you go on a hike for several hours straight. To save battery life, it is better to let the tracker pick up the workout automatically, which it does about 10 to 15 minutes into.

It doesn’t have music streaming or other advanced features. Although it wasn’t an issue for us, we thought it was worth considering.

It has all the basic features of the best Fitbits, and nothing more to complicate it. This is a great option for those who are a bit nervous about tech and just want to get started with the world of fitness trackers.


There are very few fitness trackers that can provide 100% accurate step-counts and calorie-burning statistics. However, Fitbits are a popular choice because they keep users accountable and can provide great motivation for workouts.

Kate Rowe-Ham, a Level 3 certified personal trainer and specialist woman’s health coach, says that a fitness track can help you if motivation and accountability are difficult. They are especially beneficial to those with chronic conditions that require exercise to manage their symptoms.

You can track your motivation with one of the top Fitbits. She says that many people will see this as a way to keep them on track and maximize their wellbeing. Trackers often come with challenges that will help you keep track of your progress and hold you accountable.


Yes, most Fitbits can withstand water up to 50m. The brand claims that they are water-resistant and can withstand sweaty workouts, making them ideal for swimming. The Fitbit is not suitable for deep diving or submersion, and the brand warns against using it in warm environments like hot tubs or saunas.

The Ace Fitbit is the only one that isn’t water-resistant. It is designed to withstand water, sweat, and spills. While some straps are not water-resistant, others can withstand sweat. These straps include:

  1. Woven straps (Sense & Versa 3)
  2. Hook and loop bands (Charge 5)
  3. Knit bands (Sense and Versa 3)
  4. Stainless Steel Mesh Band (Inspire 2) may fade with repeated sweat exposure.
  5. The Infinity band comes with a Fitbit, or the Sports Band, and is completely waterproof.

Fitbit also wants to stress that the waterproofing capacity of the device can be reduced by mishandling it in certain ways. This includes dropping it or exposing it to perfumes such as soap and sunscreen.