What does Cosmopolitan Attire mean?

What does Cosmopolitan Attire mean?

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Today’s women desire to be modern, stylish and fashionable. Cosmopolitan clothing is reminiscent Sex and the City of Charlotte: sophisticated, classy and demure with an hint of mystery. When you receive an invitation to New York Fashion Week, think ‘New York Fashion Week meets modern-day women’. To create a well-constructed, but casual look, a cosmopolitan ensemble combines classic, trendy and dressy pieces with accessories.

Create a Cosmopolitan Look

Keep up to date with fashion trends and new wear. You will be able to create a unique look by being aware of the best combinations and how to wear them. Style trends in New York City and Chicago are always on the forefront of fashion. To build a solid foundation for your wardrobe, you should buy some staple pieces. To spice up your look, you can add trendy tops and prolong the life of your basics. Accessory will give your look that extra edge and add a funky touch.

Elegant Flair

Your wardrobe can be transformed by a few key pieces. You can match your sleek, neutral-colored wool pants with fun prints or solid tops. To avoid looking too garish, choose muted colors for your blouses or shirts. A button-down shirt with a lacy camisole underneath is a great way to create a sophisticated and sexy look. For a more sophisticated look, a suit and skirt set is a good choice. A pair of diamond studs, a watch and simple accessories are all you need. This look can be completed with a hobo bag, satchel or satchel made of black or neutral leather.

Men inspire me

Menswear can be a great inspiration for the modern woman. It can also look elegant and sophisticated when done correctly. Clean lines and a tapered, tighter fit are the keys to wearing menswear-inspired clothing. For a casual lunch with the girls, a neutral pair of shorts, or a skirt, paired with nude heels, a pinstripe jacket with a camisole and a blazer with nude heels is a good choice.

A vest worn with cigarette pants and your choice in shoe (ballet flats or heels, booties or boots) can be a chic but sophisticated alternative to a formal dress for a date or night out. You can transform your menswear from simple to sophisticated by adding a variety accessories. Accessorize your look with funky belts, bracelets, and scarves. A bold necklace and large earrings can make heads turn and complete your look.

The Little Black Dress

The classic little black dress is a must-have for modern women. This simple dress is perfect for cocktail parties and other high-class events. You can change the look of this classic by adding accessories or shoes. For a classic look, pair your LBD with black pumps and silver accessories. Or go wild with bold colored peep-toes, chunky jewelry, and sleek, modern silver accessories. Pick a style that fits your body. A fitted top with a draped neckline and a slightly flared skirt that falls just above the knee is universally flattering. On a cold evening, you can wear a lightweight sweater or pashmina in a black, white, or other color (you can match your shoes to it, if desired).

Essential pieces

These pieces will be your go-to outfit for cosmopolitan occasions.

  1. An A-line skirt is universally flattering. It can be worn day and night with many accessories.
  2. Ballet flats and low wedge heels: These shoes add sophistication to your look.
  3. V-neck shirts : Buy at least four shirts in the following colors: Black, White, Brown, and Your Favorite Bright Color.
  4. Dark, well-tailored  dress pants: They are flattering, slimming, and add elegance to any outfit.
  5. Print scarves can be used to dress up plain V neck shirts or add an interesting touch to your outfit.
  6. Utility jacket or military jacket: This jacket adds style to any outfit.

Where to buy

A section for designer and cosmopolitan clothes will be found in many high-end department shops. These stores are great options for shopping for cosmopolitan essentials.

  • Neiman Marcus
  • Saks 5th Avenue
  • Macy’s
  • White House/Black Market
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Nordstrom

If money is not an issue, the first two stores have cosmopolitan styles. For the budget-conscious woman who still wants to look great, the remaining four stores sell wardrobe staples at a reasonable price and fun accessories.

Remember the most important thing: Confidence! Confidence is the best accessory for a woman who wants to be cosmopolitan.