What is the Best Way to Travel in Winter? Some Ways to Look Chic and Stay Warm

What is the Best Way to Travel in Winter? Some Ways to Look Chic and Stay Warm

07.01.2022 Off By manager_1

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While winter travel may not be the first choice for everyone, who wants to live in freezing temperatures all year? You can still enjoy your destination if you have the right winter travel outfit. You can also look stylish while doing it.

We have been on some snowy trips and we can tell you that if you don’t pack the right winter clothing, it can ruin a trip. When it’s too cold and freezing outside, how can you make the most of your vacation? These are the things we learned, and the things we would do differently next time.

1. Choose a thick, long coat in neutral colors

This is the base of any winter look. Although we love finding hacks to make it look expensive, we have learned that some items are well worth the extra expense. It’s easy to want something thick and warm, but it’s up to you to choose the style!

Want to be even more stylish? You can look even more chic by pairing a long wool coat in neutral colors, such as camel. I love camel coats, and would keep them as little figurines for my children.

Make a statement with a faux fur coat. Faux fur coats are a great way to make a statement. These coats are both eye-catching, and they’re surprisingly warm.

Although puffer coats are a great option, I prefer wool or peacoats. They look chic and stylish. It’s a personal choice!

Long coats are a budget-friendly investment option. A faux fur statement coat is the perfect addition to your winter travel outfit

2. Boots that are stylish and sturdy but still keep your feet warm are the best

Sometimes it can be difficult to find boots that combine style and function. But keep searching because your boots shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Booties are not recommended if you plan to travel in snow. To protect your precious ankles from snow, slush and wind, choose something taller.

You will also need a waterproof material. Although there are products that can be used to enhance suede boots, it is sometimes better to not bother. We don’t want suede with white water rings after it dries. This is not chic.

You want your feet to feel toasty, but you don’t want to appear “downtown ready “… not like you’re going to the slopes.

3. A hat will show off your style

While hats will keep you warm, this is also a place to show your style. This is a great way to experiment with style, regardless of whether you choose a color or a print.

You’re already warm enough with the rest of your outfit, so why not add some chic embellishments to your look? Although berets may not be as warm, they are stylish.

Although pom-pom beanies look cute, you can’t go wrong with simple designs. It’s all personal preference.

Is it necessary to spend money on a hat? From personal experience, we haven’t noticed any warmth difference between hats priced at $15 and $50. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothing.

4. Gloves

Leather gloves can be elegant and sleek, and add a classy touch to any outfit. Cashmere gloves are very luxurious. This can be used to add color and print, just like hats. You can also look for details like sewn-on pearls and a faux fur collar.

You can even buy the gloves with touch screen fingers if you wish to keep your hands warm.

5. Scarf

There are many options for scarves. Keep warm by wearing something big and fluffy. A large scarf is a good choice because it can be wrapped around multiple times depending on how cold you’re.

A fur collar is a great idea! It will make you look cool and warm, while also keeping you warm. You should also pack cozy clothes if you plan to bring a scarf. Winter travel requires thicker fabrics. Leave the silk/satin at home.

You’ll need thick, cozy sweaters! Also, turtlenecks are classic and keep your neck covered better – that’s a plus!

A camel coat and a blanket scarf with a belt to complete your winter travel look!

We have learned how to keep warm while still looking stylish, and now you can get our top tips for how to create a chic winter travel outfit.