All you need to know about the Coastal Grandmother Trend

All you need to know about the Coastal Grandmother Trend

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Although the Coastal Grandmother trend might seem a bit offensive at first, it is just another example of mature women who have always been able to put on a great show.

If you’re not among the more than 100 million TikTok users who are familiar with the Coastal Grandmother trend it’s actually inspired from movies. Nancy Meyers’ films, in particular, were a major inspiration, as was the style and feel of her films, such as It’s Complicated, Something’s Got to Give and The Parent Trap. It is a nod towards the relaxed look of her female leads. Think Diane Keaton walking by the ocean in a striped jumper with linen trousers. She looks chic, casual, and absolutely amazing!

This is a celebration of feminine style, with comfort and living the best coast side life. This look is timeless and loved by many for years. It’s a beautiful look that we are just glad is finally being recognized. It features many classic pieces, many of which we already have. This look is based on interchangeable basics that are paired with accessories. It has the air of someone who lives in Hamptons.


Although the films this trend is based upon were made in the 90s and the ’00s, it was not until recently that the term was coined by TikToker Lex Nicoleta. She describes it as perfect for people who enjoy coastal vibes, cozy interiors, and good cooking. It’s not surprising that movies from the ’90s are one of the most important fashion trends in 2022. Coastal Grandmother is a more subtle and easy-to-wear trend than Barbiecore, which is bold and bright.

Grayson DiFonzo is a fashion designer and CEO at BuddyLove. He believes that the trend has been so popular because it’s so simple to wear.

She said, “The Coastal Grandmother vibe focuses on being comfortable and stylish while on vacation.” Since everyone has been wearing sweats and PJs for the past couple of years, people are now ready to show their best. Diane Keeton’s preppy, tailored style is making an impact and it’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting to be as famous as her.

Anne Hathaway shared a photo of herself wearing a bucket hat and white shirt with cream trousers. The Coastal Grandmother trend became mainstream. She captioned her image with “I have been ready to #coastalgrandmother chic ever since before TikTok was created.” This moment will never end.

This is a strange way of putting it. While some people find the Coastal Grandmother look offensive, Anne Hathaway has proven that the look can be worn by everyone. She shows that the look can be worn by anyone, and that it is about admiring mature women’s style and self-confidence. However, not everyone agrees with the term.

Megan Saustad, a blogger for over 50s, says that she knows many women who don’t use the term. “I know a friend who calls the aesthetic ‘Coastal Glam’. This is definitely a mental state and not an age thing. The trend has been adopted by women of all ages.”

Although the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic is preppy, it’s much more minimalistic and laidback. Simple, high-quality basics are key. This includes oversized shirts and great jeans. Megan says that Cottagecore is a lifestyle and not a fashion choice. Many of the people who follow this trend are also able to embody it.

They love to garden and prepare fresh meals in their open-concept kitchens. She says that they love stylish interiors and entertaining, and might even sip wine every day.

If you think the Coastal Grandmother trend is right for you – and let’s face it, classic style and time spent at the beach sipping Chablis are the best things to do – then we have the essentials you need!


This look can be created mostly with a neutral and unadorned palette. However, gingham is a great fabric to add some texture. This fabric has a retro and easy-breezy appeal, especially when worn in a loose-fitting gown. For a more authentic look, floral can be worn in neutrals or blues. If none of these options appeal to you, stripes are a Hampton-style essential that will never go out fashion – especially when worn with a tunic-styled dress.

It’s all about silhouette. Body con is also out. Summer dresses that aren’t too formal include sun dresses, t-shirts and the best shirt dresses in light tones. You can style a slip dress in black, cream, or blush for evening. For simple accessories, add a small pearl necklace or small, elegant gold hoops.


This look has many style staples so you can still wear it for years to come. Choose natural fabrics like linen, cotton, and cashmere. Megan said: “Coastal Grandmothers like loose-fitting silhouettes, that are sophisticated but not fussy.”

You can invest in simple crew neck sweaters or cable knits that are casually worn over your shoulders. To add preppy chic to your look, tie it over the shirt or a floral dress.

Breton tops are the best for the coastal look. These tops have a maritime history, as they were originally made for French navy. The loose, square-fitted, and clean stripe of these tops perfectly complement the crisp, clean aesthetic of this trend.


Although they may not be the most fashionable skirts, you will love them every year. They can be worn with almost everything and are a wardrobe staple. For a relaxed and breezy feel, cotton and linen are the fabrics you should gravitate towards.

If tiered or A-line skirts don’t appeal to you, you can opt for a column-style with slimmer fittings. However, make sure the style has laidback details such as a belt tie. You can wear this look with a blazer or unstructured jacket, but it won’t look formal. Instead, you can pair it with your favorite white t-shirt and sweater.

Megan advises that accessories are important. She recommends a bucket hat, vintage sunglasses, and neutral-tone sandals to complete any (Coastal Grandmother’s) look.


A Coastal Grandmother will always reach for her wide-legged, linen trousers when it comes to comfort. Although it can be daunting to learn how to style wide-legged pants, it is surprisingly simple and the sartorial rewards are huge.

Grayson advises that a relaxed fit and wide-leg pant can transform any outfit into a stylish ensemble.

For daytime, wear a vest top with flip flops and a blazer. In the evening, put on a linen shirt, blazer, and mules to make it smart-casual. A cropped jean in pale blue, cream, or beige is an option if linen is not your style. This is a neutral look, so no bright colors or dark jeans.


A trend that embraces flats is finally here. This trend is best suited for simple, barefoot sandals. You can find simple styles in neutral colors like tan, beige, or black. If you feel daring, a raffia shoe is a great option.

A slim-fitting, directional loafer is the best choice for those special occasions. This is where the key point is that the shoe doesn’t dominate the look. It’s just the finishing touch.


Bags that are Coastal Grandmother-inspired are large and in line with handbag trends 2022. The best tote bags are the ones that can carry all your farmer’s market purchases. They will also double as beach bags, perfect for those sandy days at the sea.

Natural fabrics reign again here. Think straw baskets and raffia designs as well as canvas shoppers and soft buttery-leather totes. These classic bags are timeless and will be a popular choice for summer.