Guys, this is what you should wear when going out

Guys, this is what you should wear when going out

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man's grey and black shirt

The “going out shirt” is one of the most sinister crimes in menswear. These patterned monstrosities were the first choice for men who wanted something more than work clothes or a T-shirt to wear out on the town. They are no longer in fashion, but they have been largely eradicated from bars, clubs, and pubs today. However, there is still uncertainty about what is appropriate to wear on a night out.

Different nights require different approaches. However, knowing the difference between a great date night outfit and what to wear to an all-nighter is what really separates the men.

No matter what your evening plans are, we have the look you need.


Males from many animal species can perform elaborate courtship displays. To impress the ladies, the peacock’s intricately patterned tail feathers are a showpiece. The hood seal proudly displays a large bag on his face that he inflates in love. Some squid species can even change their colour to flirt with potential partners.

Unfortunately, humans don’t have such biological tools. Just nice jackets. The way we dress affects how well we make an impression on our dates.

Finding the right balance between casual and smart is key to your date night wardrobe success. Your sartorial style should make you look hard-earned.

A suit is not recommended. You can choose to wear an unstructured blazer as your top layer or a smart, overshirt. You can either wear a shirt underneath, or a knit polo or rollneck. A black Derby boot or Chelsea boot for your feet is a good choice.


The term “club” is somewhat ambiguous. This means that the appropriate attire can vary from one venue to another.

While some high-end city spots have strict policies against sportswear or trainers, others will allow you to walk into Fabric wearing a pair Oxford brogues and a blazer. The good news is that dress codes for the former have been relaxed in recent years. This is a great thing when it comes time to choose the right clothes.

Monochrome can be your secret weapon. For most nightclubs, a pair of black shoes or sneakers is a good choice. They won’t look worn out after a night of dancing, spilled beverages, or fellow clubbers accidentally flicking cigarette smoke on them.

Jeans are a great option for legwear. To match the dark kicks, you should stick to black, raw, or grey jeans. You can then simply wear a plain black Tshirt over a multi-pocket jacket, which is great for keeping your phone, wallet, and other small items.


Although we don’t know your personal style, we will assume that you’re not going to Buckingham Palace to get some caviar or quail eggs. A smart-casual look is the best choice for any occasion.

Smart casual is the ideal restaurant-friendly dress code. It will look great whether you are enjoying a tasting menu at a Michelin star restaurant or simply grabbing a burger at your local chicken joint.

A good jacket should be your first choice. You can choose from wool or twill in neutral colours to keep it casual and laid-back. A knitted crewneck with an Oxford shirt collar and a crisp Oxford shirt underneath is a great choice. It’s then easy to add some chinos (green, navy, and beige) and some suede shoes or trainers.


There are few better ways of spending an evening than being shoved around, covered in beer and sweat, and listening to the loud blasts coming from amplifiers just metres from your face. It doesn’t sound all that impressive on paper, but it’s hard to imagine a better night.

Gims can be fun and a way to express your rebel side. This is what we think you can achieve best with a combination of a leather jacket or denim jacket, and your most grungy pair of ripped black jeans.

Your footwear could be in a collision with dropped pints or floor grime, just like at a nightclub. You can leave your fancy shoes at home and choose something that you are comfortable with being battered. A pair of Converse sneakers or Vans is a great choice. They look good even when they are battered.


The pub. Although it may not be the most popular place to go on Saturday nights, it is by God the best. This British institution offers complete wardrobe freedom, in addition to lots of beer. Suit: fine. Trainers: fine. Neon: You won’t get people lined up to buy you one, but that’s fine. You have complete wardrobe freedom, so you can wear whatever clothes you want.

You will need a jacket. It can be cold to wait outside the kebab shop in the morning. An anorak is practical and trendy in equal measure. It can be worn over a crewneck during winter, or as a layering piece with a T-shirt in warmer months.

Jeans are the best choice. This is provided that they are paired with a pair of trainers. If you love the terrace fashion, we suggest retro runners or suede with three stripes.