How to style black jeans – 10 top outfit ideas

How to style black jeans – 10 top outfit ideas

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The best jeans for women are one of your most versatile pieces. They can be worn in many different ways. You can dress them up with a blouse or casually wear them with a sweater.

Stylist Ambassador Katie Eastwood from Stitch Fix, says that black jeans are a staple of every wardrobe. “They are the perfect layer to build a variety of outfits. To avoid shrinking your jeans and making it difficult to part ways, be sure to wash your jeans regularly once you have found the perfect pair.

What to wear with black Jeans

1. Be simple with a white tee

A white t-shirt and black jeans combination is a great choice for a simple and reliable look. This timeless look is perfect for casual occasions and will be a favorite. Paula Moore, Goodto’s Fashion Director, says that monochrome is a timeless colour palette. A simple white top and black jeans are a great outfit for off-duty. For a feminine touch, finish the look with delicate gold jewellery and pair it with black boots or white trainers.

2. Add an animal print

Animal print adds character to black jeans. Because it is mono-coloured, zebra print can be worn with black jeans seamlessly. The same goes for leopard print, which can also be used as a neutral. Layer a leather jacket over the top for instant style points.

3. Profit from the utility trend

You can easily add khaki to your black pants look. This is a great way to tap into the utility trend and makes it easy to create a well-put together weekend look. For extra interest, try a khaki sweater/tee. Look for distressed fabrics and studded embellishments. An investment worth making is a khaki jacket. Paula suggests that this jacket can be worn over a tee with jeans or a printed midi-dress.

4. Bold and bold!

Black jeans can really make colours pop, so if you’re looking to make a bold statement, consider a bright top half. You should block out primary colours like red, blue, and green. Keep accessories to a minimum and let the bold colour shine.

5. Pair with statement shoes

A statement shoe will make your jeans stand out, especially if you wear ankle-grazing jeans. Roll up the hem if your jeans are too long or have a more cropped look. Metals look great with black jeans, so you might consider a gold-heeled-ankle boot for winter. A bright sandal is my choice for summer. Paula says to stick to block heels to make it more comfortable.

6. Double denim!

Double denim is a tricky art, but if you choose black jeans it’s much easier. Black jeans can be worn with almost any shade of denim, but especially in lighter washes to show the contrast shades.

7. Add sparkle!

A sequinned blouse is the best way to dress up your jeans for cocktail hour. Paula says that black jeans look a lot more sophisticated than regular blue jeans, so they are the perfect style to dress up for an evening. You can dress up your look with a sequinned blouse or metallic cami, and keep the rest of it simple.

8. All-black is minimalist.

For a timeless look, opt for black on white if all else fails. For a simple look, a black top will keep your jeans black and clean. Tops with ruffles and frills or leather and knits add interest and texture. This look can be kept sophisticated by wearing silky shirts, slim loafers, or high heels. You can finish the look with delicate jewellery, such as simple gold hoops or a multi-layered necklace.

9. Add a blouse to give it a feminine touch.

Are you looking for something to wear with your black jeans? To offset the casual look, pair your black jeans with a pretty blouse. Paula says to look for timeless, chic prints like florals and polka dots. Frilly details and ruffles add a playful twist and are also in-style.

10. Stay sweet in pastels

You can soften your silhouette by using pastel colors instead of bold colours. This look is great for spring and summer. You can choose from a simple cardigan, a cute t-shirt, or a fluffy cardigan. Look for sorbet colors such as baby pink, mint green and baby pink. To give the look an edge, add chunky sandals or stompy boots.