What is the Difference between Bespoke and Made-to-Measure Suits?

What is the Difference between Bespoke and Made-to-Measure Suits?

10.08.2021 Off By admin

What does it mean to be bespoke or made-to-measure? What’s more, how to choose? Depending on what you need, one may be better than the other. Let’s make it clear today!

Bespoke suit

To say short – A bespoke suit is made from scratch, just for you. In other words, no fabric is cut until you’ve been measured. The end result is a 100% unique suit that is, quite literally, made for you – and only you. Bespoke is much more time intensive. It requires more fabric and more skill. It also requires a lot more money.

The price of bespoken suit is prohibitive. We’re talking at least $2,000, potentially much more, for one suit. One reason for the high price tag is the labor. Making a suit from scratch is very labor-intensive, and it requires a lot of experience. Then you have the fabric. A suit requires 3-4 yards of fabric, plus all of the trimmings (buttons, lining, collar felt, etc.). So the “cost of goods” is high, compared to the next type of suit.

Simply put, bespoke is expensive.

Made-to-Measure Suits

MTM suit, on there other hand, doesn’t start from scratch, it starts from a pattern – multiple pieces of fabric that have already been cut, and are ready to be customized according to your measurements and preferences.

It is basically the same process: you submit your measurements and select your fabric and details, then they send your order to a factory overseas (usually in China or Vietnam). Your suit is shipped directly to you 3-6 weeks later. If you’re patient and willing to really dial in your measurements, MTM can be a great option.