How to Wear Silver and Gold Together?

How to Wear Silver and Gold Together?

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Are you not totally sure whether you should wear silver or gold jewellery depending on your skin colour? Or perhaps to give jewelry someone as a gift? You may have heard of ‘rules’ for choosing the right colour jewel colours, but aren’t sure how to apply them.

What do you think of wearing different colours together?

The topic of gold vs silver-coloured jewellery is a hotly debated one. There’s a lot of confusion about which metal to choose. We’ve got some quick tips to help you decide which metal colors will suit you and your gift recipient.

Continue reading to learn more about the details, as well as useful jewellery tips and information about various types of precious metals.


The colour of the skin was an important factor in determining which metal colour to wear. Warmer colours were associated with gold metal and cooler colours with silver metal.

Nowadays, this is not so important. You can still break these ‘style rules’ but they might be helpful to you in getting started with matching jewellery that suits your style.

People who have blue veins or burn easily on their wrists are often considered to have cool skin.

Warm colouring is defined as people with olive skin tones, green veins, or those who have tanned well and are olive-colored.

Remember that gold is more expensive than silver, as it is a precious metal. There are cheaper options, such as gold filled and gold vermeil. Find out more about the different types of gold. Rose gold and copper jewellery look great on most people. Gemstone jewellery can add a variety of colours and sparkle! Add to your jewelry collection.

It’s a good idea to look at the colors that your gift recipient wears when choosing jewellery to gift. For great ideas, check out our guide on gift giving for style-challenged people.


Another rule of fashion was to never wear gold and silver together. This is no longer true. You can mix your metals with a lot of enthusiasm!

It is worth taking some time to experiment and find out what looks best when you mix metals. Check out our 15 jewellery style tips to get some great ideas.

Pick a dominant color and then add highlights to it. To see how different colours look, you can mix and match stacking rings and cocktail rings with layered necklaces or bangle stacks.

Your personal taste, aesthetics, and budget will determine whether you wear silver or gold jewellery. You can experiment with different metal colors, different gemstones, and mix and match different styles and colours to find what works best for you.

We believe in people being their true selves and not trying to be like everyone else. Our top tip? Do what makes you feel good.

Once you have it all figured out, you can start shopping for silver jewellery, rose gold jewellery and gold jewellery. We can find a variety of jewellery options, including gold earrings, gold rings and necklaces, as well as silver earrings, silver rings, silver cuffs, and silver necklaces. You’re sure to find something that you love in one of our precious metals.