What stands behind the Internet’s True Playboy Dan Bilzerian?

What stands behind the Internet’s True Playboy Dan Bilzerian?

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Dan Bilzerian is a name you will have come across if you have had any interaction on social media over the past five years. American poker player and ‘Instagram King’ Dan Bilzerian has amassed a large following who love to keep up with his latest antics, no matter how controversial.

What is his story? How did he get so famous? And how much does he make? Let us answer all of these questions and more.

Dan Bilzerian Quick Facts

Name: Daniel Brandon Bilzerian
Age: 41
DoB: December 7, 1980
Nationality: United States/ Armenian
Height: 1.74m
Estimated Net Worth: $200 Million
Instagram: @danbilzerian – 32.7m followers
TikTok: @danbilzerian – 3.7m followers

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian, an Armenian-American poker player and social media celebrity, is a businessman. Born to parents Terri Steffen and Paul Bilzerian, he was brought up in Tampa, Florida. His brother Adam Bilzerian is also a poker player.

Dan Bilzerian was raised in a wealthy family. His father, a Wall Street corporate raider, provided trust funds to Dan and Adam. Although it is not clear whether he used money from his trust funds to fund his poker career, there are claims that he has placed large amounts of money.

How Did Dan Bilzerian Get Rich?

As mentioned previously, Dan Bilzerian was heir to a substantial amount of money from his father via trust funds (the details of which are still relatively scarce). However, he has also made large amounts of money through his poker playing career as well as other ventures. There is no doubt that Dan Bilzerian is a competent ‘business brain.


Casino.org claims Dan Bilzerian cannot be called a professional poker player despite boasting about the tens and millions of dollars he has won playing private games. According to some reports, he tried poker for the first time after he entered University of Florida to study Business and Criminology. It is not clear if he graduated.

It could be that he was addicted to poker and lost almost everything by the second year of university. He didn’t have access yet to his trust fund. Casino.org claims that his fortune changed after a while. They also claim that Dan claimed he could make up to $90,000.

Dan Bilzerian started playing poker with higher stakes only in 2017. It was when he began to play in these games.

GGPoker signed Dan Bilzerian as an ambassador for their brand, more recently. As with almost everything Dan Bilzerian does, there was some backlash in the poker community. GGPoker has maintained their contract despite some very offensive responses from Dan Bilzerian to the comments.


Dan Bilzerian, who gained fame on Instagram, founded Ignite International Brands Ltd., which sells e-cigarettes and CBD oil. Dan Bilzerian isn’t afraid to admit that Ignite is connected to smoking marijuana. It even claims to have the first global cannabis brand.

Dan Bilzerian admits to having smoked marijuana before and during his workouts, possibly for its relaxing properties.

It is not clear whether Ignite earns Dan Bilzerian any money. In 2019, the company reported a loss of $50 million, primarily due marketing and rental costs.

Dan Bilzerian Book

Dan Bilzerian is also an author. He has published his book. The Setup. Oh, and the girls.


Women are perhaps the most popular topic Dan Bilzerian is associated with. One quick glance at his Instagram page will reveal that Dan is not far from beautiful women. Dan is more than happy to boast about his sexual adventures, thanks to his ‘lookat me’ lifestyle.


Dan Bilzerian loves guns. He has a large collection and a lavish lifestyle, complete with shiny things.


A collection of exotic, rare and expensive cars is a must for any playboy lifestyle. Dan is well aware of this fact and has made it his goal to acquire some amazing cars using his wealth. A 3/4 replica of the 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa is one such motor that Dan has parked in his driveway. It’s not cheap at $108,000 but it’s still a good deal compared to what Supercar Blondie spent on her cars.


Dan Bilzerian is a master at keeping himself in shape. He posts both his workouts, even those that he does on superyachts, as well as recovery methods such as taking ice baths or smoking marijuana.

He is a master at getting publicity. He was able to land a small role in a movie, so he is known as an actor. With several million dollars of winnings from poker, he also knows how to gamble. We’d bet that he’s a constant source for news and intrigue. Those who don’t love him are jealous of his wild, playboy lifestyle.

What is Dan Bilzerian’s net worth?

Dan Bilzerian is worth $200 million.