Why everyone wants shoes from Amina Muaddi?

Why everyone wants shoes from Amina Muaddi?

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You’re probably familiar with Amina Muaddi and have at least one pair of Begum pumps in your shoe collection.

Muaddi, a Jordanian/Romanian footwear designer has taken the world by storm since she launched her eponymous label back in 2018. Her influence only grows with time. Despite the lockdowns and the increasing popularity of flat and more comfortable footwear, and the recent trend towards minimalism, Muaddi’s bright pumps have been selling well.

Why don’t we have enough?

One simple answer is that women love fantasy shoes. No matter what trends change or how long they last, the dream of Cinderella will remain alive in every shoe enthusiast’s heart. It is a design object that triggers an emotion like no other, no matter how brilliant.

A pair of Amina Muaddi’s PVC Begum pumps with the brand’s trademark crystal broach is the perfect way to express your fantasy and Cinderella style. or sparkly Gilda heels in vibrant neons or sassy animals prints.

Muaddi isn’t the only one to offer sparkly, feel-good shoes. So, why all the fuss?

Maybe it’s because she took Cinderella’s fairy tale and put it into modern women’s terms. The old-fashioned idea of a glass slipper or high heel has been replaced by the designer’s new cone-shaped heel silhouette with mid-heel heights and a heel that is more comfortable for women to move and dance all night without “suffering for beauty” or running away.

Her all-female dream crew has replaced the fantasy of Prince Charles for all matters. They can clearly cater to women’s needs better than any other team. It is strange to say, but this is the first time a small, women-led group has been able to build such a global powerhouse within the footwear industry without the involvement of men. We keep returning to this brand because of the intimacy and strong female perspective behind each product.

Team Muaddi is back for summer. The brand’s new high-sea collection for summer is full of bold and bright pieces with an infectious optimism.

Muaddi calls it the “hot girls summer starter pack” and adds some stunning new styles to the mix. These include the Paloma sandals with a crystal-encrusted top and PVC- barely-there straps as well as a pair Robyn mules in dalmatian prints with thick, buckled, straps. The brand’s classics, such as the Lupita, are back in brightening. There’s also a “glass wedge” version in PVC or silver mirror leather. Talk about modern-day shoe dreams coming to life.

Flatform lace-up sandals in neon greens and zebra prints will be the brand’s first flats.

Muaddi is slowly expanding her accessories range to match your favorite footwear. There are new crystal hoop earrings, mini evening totes, and a variety of mini night totes, including the Amini crystal chainlink top handles, or a satin mini tote featuring the words “Ciao Bella” embroidered in crystals.

There’s humor mixed with feel-good colours and glamour. It’s all about having fun. You can see that everyone is excited when a new style is posted to Instagram. This is why you will often see comment sections bursting with people like Kim Kardashian and Rosie Huntington Whiteley. They also discuss their favorite styles and send heart emojis. A pair of Amina muaddi shoes can bring joy to women from all walks of life.

The designer stated, “All I care about it is that women feel confident and happy.”

Muaddi’s tale is more than just the end product that we all love. There are many other inspiration moments in Muaddi’s stories.

You could mistake her for an Insta-girl who got lucky and became a celebrity overnight. When the brand was launched, a naysayer said that she was “just a socialite”.

Muaddi was a long way from her first big moment. She has worked hard for her craft for many years. Her studies began at the European Institute of Design. “As a stylist. I spent one year studying the art of shoemaking with world-class artisans in the Italian Riviera del Brenta.” Oscar Tiye was her first shoe brand, and she helped to develop it for six years before starting it on her own.

She was also brave enough to create her business on her terms and not conform to the system’s rules. She doesn’t show her collections six months ahead of time during fashion weeks like other brands. Instead, she keeps them under wraps and only unveils new styles when they are in stock. This allows her to put her customers first, instead of showing them previews that they won’t be able to access.

“I didn’t want women to be able to see the product before purchasing it. Everything moves so quickly that we become bored and then move on to the next thing. This is not something I like. My product should be timeless and attractive.” She explained that having a brand that is see-now-buy now paid off even though it was difficult to establish.

Muaddi’s great looks and ability to rock the most popular runway looks, from Marine Serre bodysuits and head-to-toe Valentino, was a key factor in the brand’s success. Her strong social media presence, as well as her army of high-profile supporters, also helped to propel the brand to success. In the past few years, Amina Muaddi collectors have included Rihanna, Kylie Jenner and Giorgia Turdini, as well as Gilda Ambrosio, Gilda Ambrosio, and Gilda Ambrosio, Attico designers Gilda Ambrosio.

There may be just one ingredient to her success formula that really makes the difference. It’s kindness.

“Amina’s shoes are always in high demand and she is also the most pleasant person to work with. It’s almost like “How can you be so talented yet so kind at the same”,” Browns’ buying director, Ida Petersson, said.

The magic happens when the shoes look so good and are made by a kind woman who is on a mission spreading her glamour and confidence all over the globe.