What is so Special About Chlorophyll?

What is so Special About Chlorophyll?

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We are obsessed with knowing the intricacies of each trend. It was therefore imperative that we get to the bottom on a recent trend in health related to chlorophyll. But, we don’t know anything about the actual component.

What is chlorophyll?

You might have heard of chlorophyll in science class. This is because the component of photosynthesis is so important. It sustains plants and gives oxygen to the planet. The chloroplast is home to the green-pigmented Chlorophyll, which allows plants to absorb energy and build tissue. It works by absorbing sunlight and then splitting into two energy-storing molecules that can be used to convert carbon dioxide to glucose. New leaves are formed when the sugar is combined with the nutrients found in the soil.

Fun fact: Chlorophyll doesn’t absorb the color green. This is why most plants have a green hue.

How can I consume chlorophyll?

The world is familiar with chlorophyll. This component is found in phytoplankton which are microscopic floating plants and serve as the basis of the entire marine food chain. It is also found in many of our vegetables and in wheatgrass shots from your local juicery.

Here’s how to get chlorophyll in your daily life: You can find chlorophyll in wheatgrass shots, as mentioned previously. Liquid chlorophyll can be found at your local vitamin and supplement shop. Sakara Life Detox Water Drops are our favorite, as they contain chlorophyll from the white Mulberry Leaf. It can be used as a supplement.

Chlorophyll supplements are made up of chlorophyllin. This water-soluble derivative is better absorbed by your body. Eat your veggies. You can get your chlorophyll from most vegetables. These vegetables include broccoli, spinach, alfalfa and asparagus. It can also be found in matcha, chlorella and spirulina.

The health and beauty benefits of chlorophyll

Although the idea of using chlorophyll to improve your health and beauty is not new, there aren’t many scientific studies to support this claim. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Anti-aging. Photoaging can be prevented by Chlorophyll. It protects skin from sun damage and helps reduce visible pores and facial acne.
  • Improved health. The function of chlorophyll is very similar to hemoglobin. It transports oxygen through the body via red blood cells. It can be used to treat anemia.
  • Odor control. The ingredient Chlorophyll has odor-reducing properties. This is why it is used in toothpaste and deodorant.
  • Gut health. Finally, the antimicrobial properties of chlorophyll may help to improve your gut health. The bottom line is that a healthy gut will make everything else seem easier.
  • There are other benefits, however, that don’t have sufficient evidence. These include weight loss, increased energy, and hormonal balance.

We are not nutritionists or doctors, so please seek professional advice if you have questions.