Why do you look bad in the pictures?

Why do you look bad in the pictures?

20.09.2021 Off By manager_1

woman taking photo using DSLR camera

Are you someone who hears from friends and family often that your real-life appearance is better than your photos? Does it make you hating taking pictures? It could be true. Let’s find out why the real-life version of yourself doesn’t look good on the reel.


If someone takes the photos, it’s most likely that they are taken with a smartphone camera. A traditional or digital film camera is always better than a smartphone camera. A smartphone camera can change your facial features and proportions. Photos can make it look disproportional, even if you have a strong jawline and cheekbones. It can make a huge difference in the quality of the photo if you are too close to or too far away from the camera. If you take close-up photos, for example, your nose or forehead might look larger or wider than it is. You might notice a difference in the size or shape of your features if you are taking a photo far away. This problem can be easily solved by learning the settings for your smartphone’s camera. Even professional photographers can be consulted for tips and tricks. Learn about how to set the right exposure, manual focus vs autofocus, and rules of space.


Camera shyness is a common problem among both women and men. You just run away (metaphorically). When it comes to taking pictures of yourself, your nervousness will show in your photos as soon as you are there. Your on-screen appearance will be ruined if you are not able to set the right mood or expressions.

You can give yourself a boost by giving yourself a pep talk. You can remind yourself that this is just a photo and not a contest where you must perform at your best. Think of the photo as a positive memory that you have created. It will bring you joy to look back on this photo in the future.


Most men think that taking endless selfies is a girl’s thing. Men aren’t as self-aware as girls who love to look glamorous and find ways to take beautiful photos. They don’t care much if they look handsome or not.

It doesn’t matter how your photo portrays you, as long as it is real and natural. It doesn’t really matter if you like how your photos look, because others and you will see that you are much more attractive in real life – that’s what you think?


Have you ever seen celebrities from film and fashion pose in front of the camera from a certain angle? Because they know the right angle will make their face appear perfect in the photograph. Most people have asymmetrical faces in real life. This is due to their genetics, age, or health issues. People don’t even know what the attractive side of your face is. Even with you, this could be true.

Professional photographers can help you determine which side works best for you. Your eyes, nose and cheeks should all be harmonious to make you look beautiful. You may be wondering if it is necessary to show the right side of your face in the photograph. If you’re a model/actor looking for work or a fashion model, it is important to capture exactly the right side of your face in the photo. If you want to make a good impression on someone before they call you for a face-to–face meeting, a great profile picture or portfolio will help you do that.


A mirror is your true image. It is something you are used to seeing daily, often several times per day. It provides comfort and familiarity. You have full control over how you look in the mirror. It allows you to see exactly what you are seeing.

But camera is different. You are not the only one looking at you. Depending on the person behind the camera, you can rely on intuitions and knowledge. Even if you are happy with the mirror image, a different camera will give you different results for the exact same look. This problem can be solved by not comparing mirror images and photos. Both speak a different language.


Photos can be used to create memories and visual autobiography. Photos are something that you would keep for your grandchildren to see one day. It is important that you understand that photos are only photos. They are not real. They don’t define your real-life personality or character, unless you create an illusion about it. They tell a story about small aspects of your life, depending on where and when they were clicked. You never know what your thoughts are or how you feel at the time. Because you are always who you are in real life, your photos don’t do justice to what you look like in real life. People will love you as you are. It’s that which matters.