You can dress better and develop your signature style. Here is how.

You can dress better and develop your signature style. Here is how.

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Every male icon, from Steve McQueen and David Beckham has his signature style. These guys are stars, so why would ordinary Joes need to have their own look?

It’s simple: it shows you are a man who has direction and purpose. You could look disorganized and lack of confidence if you don’t pay attention to this. You don’t want to be that guy.

You should start to develop your personal style to be able to dress better as man if you don’t have it yet.

As ever, I’ve got you covered.

#1 Dressing for Your Body Type

Learning how to use clothing to highlight your best qualities and your body type is a process that can be learned over time. Some styles are better suited for certain body types than others. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can wear everything.

Find the pieces that look best for you. These are some examples to help you choose clothes that fit your body type.

  1. Pleated trousers with a sharp edge are best for heavy calves.
  2. For a shorter man, have your jackets tailored with a hem that falls at your hips.
  3. A deconstructed jacket with no padding is best for guys with wide shoulders.
  4. To add bulk and height to your frame, wear a double-breasted jacket if you are tall.

#2 Dressing for Your Lifestyle

You are rugged and rugged-looking. You don’t need a suit and tie, for the most part. A jeans-and-boots outfit is better if you are a cowboy.

When dressing up, keep your job in mind. You don’t have to be a sexy person, no matter how much you enjoy your style.

High school teachers in large cities need to appear professional. However, wearing suits is too formal. He can wear sports jackets with jeans and checked shirts if he is paying attention to his job requirements. He would look too formal wearing a tie.

Bankers are required to wear a suit and tie each day. Even though banks are known for their conservative style, bankers can show off their unique style by wearing a variety of colors in their suits.

#3 How to Dress for Your Environment

Your signature style is influenced by the weather. Let’s suppose you live in the northwest and rain is a daily concern. You’re likely to need more than just a crew neck shirt.

One of my favourite classic films, Le Samourai, features a well-dressed hitman who stalks the Paris rainy streets. Alain Delon plays the role of the main character. He wears a well-fitting trench coat and a quality cap that keeps him looking fashionable throughout the film. This is a great example of how to look stylish in spite of the rain.

Cotton fabrics are best for warmer climates. For colder climates, heavier wools will be required. Consider the climate conditions that you are most exposed to when deciding how to dress better for men.

#4 Finding a Style Icon

Are there any actors, public figures, or models who inspire you? Look at their style and find commonalities in yours.

Do they have a similar build as you? Next, take note of the style they wear. Do they have a political slant? You can adopt the colors they use.

Do not try to copy someone else’s style. Look for elements that inspire you, and then incorporate them into your outfits. Try out pieces that inspire and see what works. Write it down or take a photograph of a look that makes you feel great.

What are your go-to pieces? You could choose a pair of oxblood double Monks, or white sneakers with dark jeans and a button-down top. Imagine having a rack of these favorite pieces. What makes them special? Find out what makes your favourite clothing pieces your choice, and then shop around for these items.

#5 How does Complexion Influence Style?

Personal style comes down to choosing colors that complement your skin.

  1. Warm Complexion: Choose shades that are brown, tan or red if you have naturally tanned hair.
  2. Cool Complexion: Blue undertones look great on dark hair or gray/white eyes.

You can dress better as a man by finding clothing and accessories that complement your style. These elements can be incorporated into your wardrobe once you have found the right color and fit.

#6 Suit You With Dress In Clothes

To create a signature style, you must know yourself so you can express your values through clothes.

Create a style that is authentic to you. Alaska might be home to someone with a military or working-class background. Your past should be reflected in your signature style. Your signature style should reflect your values and life experiences.

A pocket watch from your grandfather to keep you in mind. To remind you of your family loyalty, a coat of arms sewn onto a blazer. You can always remember your Texas roots by wearing boots for work. No matter what your style preference, it is important to remember that personal style can sometimes defy accepted fashion norms.

Your clothes should reflect your age. Do not try to dress like a 13 year-old child at 32. A man over 30 must dress appropriately. If you don’t have a complete suit, a sports coat or blazer is ok. If you’re in your 20s, and don’t have a formal job, consider wearing casual clothes. A nice button-down shirt and jeans will work well.

#7: How to Shop Effectively

Consider the clothes on your shopping list before you spend your money on your next trip.

Before you buy, take a look at your closet and make a list of what you like, don’t like, and what you need. This simple step will prevent buyer’s regret.

When you are looking for accessories or clothing, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is this an item that reflects my values and personality?
  2. Are they suitable for the environment to which I am exposed every day?
  3. Is it inspiring?
  4. Is it compatible with my lifestyle?
  5. Is it compatible with at least 3-4 other pieces?

Consider these questions before you make a purchase.

A signature look is an important step in your sartorial journey. Even if your goal is to become a fashion icon, this helps you refine your style and create a more practical wardrobe. You don’t have to be 100% certain or even half-way sure of what your style should look like. It is easy to get your style moving by simply being aware of your favorite pieces and beginning the process of finding what you love.