Biggest Resort Jewelry Trends Of 2023

Biggest Resort Jewelry Trends Of 2023

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Pre-fall collections are full of statement-making accessories. Gucci and Chanel had large hoop earrings, as well as sophisticated chokers and collar necklaces at Proenza and Carolina Herrera. Statement cuffs were worn at both wrists by Tory Burch and Stella McCartney. Large pendant necklaces at Chloe, Dior and Dsquared, and rings with a distinctive heft that can be layered on all fingers at Oscar de la Renta. These top resort 2023 jewelry trends focus on pieces that inspire joy and can be worn from meetings to gallery openings (or anywhere else).

“We want our customers look at pieces that truly complete their look and create a vision of the designer from their runway to their closets,” says Libby Page (senior market editor at Net-A-Porter) of the latest collection of must-have pieces. Her favorite pieces from Balenciaga’s latex-packed show included the baubles. “The collection was very blingy and felt very playful and could speak directly to mothers and daughters,” she said. These types of potential heirlooms are always worth it. We recommend looking for pieces that are versatile and can be worn over and over again.

There are many things to take into consideration when expanding your jewelry collection, regardless of the season. Beck Jewels designer Rebecca Zeijdel–Paz suggests that you start by choosing the right metal for your skin tone. Zeijdel–Paz suggests that you think about which stones are most appealing to you, and which cut and setting would best suit your style and wardrobe. Is there jewelry that you love from the past? Or are you more at home with the modern aesthetic of a designer? She says there are no wrong answers as long as you have fun. Have fun with new ideas and take your own time to find what suits you best. There are no rules about wearing pieces that you love.

You don’t have to shop designer to find inspiration from runway trends. Zeijdel Paz says, “I believe there are some staples that you can slowly invest in — a thick, vintage-golden chain, a watch, a pair if diamond studs or a statement piece of artifact — but it is not a standard.” “It all depends upon the client’s lifestyle and personal aesthetic. There’s also an intuitive element.” But, she says, there are three important criteria that must be met: Fit, quality, integrity. It’s important that you understand the piece you are investing in.

Designer Sewitsium recommends bucking all trends. She says, “I believe trends are about extraction and support, so they don’t interest me. I associate them with fast fashion, late-stage capitalism and speed. Sium recommends focusing on three adjectives when adding jewelry to your collection: timeless, classic, and anchoring. I believe that my pieces will be relevant 500 years later if they are timeless, classic, and filled with truth, direction and a way of life.”

Are you ready to update your wardrobe? Aboutfash has selected 6 top-selling styles from the most popular resort collections.

Large Scale Rings For Every Finger

This trend has the great advantage of being able to find pieces that complement it regardless of your personal style. Look for pieces with minimal or no stones if you are drawn to minimalist and architectural designs. Focus on the texture and mixing of shapes. Do you prefer a maximalist approach to design? This is a great spot to find different colors stones that complement each other.

“For rings, more can be more. You can do anything.” Sium says that a little bit of silver is a good addition to any mix of metals. “I also wear just as many solid gold pieces in gold-plated silver as I do in solid gold. They are indistinguishable from the eye.” These could be precious, semi-precious, or raw stones. You can create your own unique combination by choosing a ring that you love, and putting the rest of your jewelry around it.

Statement Pendant Necklaces

Start shopping for your next statement necklace by answering two questions: “Is this classic? Is it durable? What is the story? If I can take my jewelry apart, it is not for me. Sium says that if it feels like an obsession, it’s on. The designer is a firm believer in pendants. Her Cosmos Key and Malcolm X Medallion designs are top sellers. This is due to their versatility. The style can be worn with a bikini, a tank top, or a flowing summer skirt.”

Statement Bracelets for both wrists

Statement cuffs that can be worn on both wrists have been seen at Dior and Etro as well as McQueen and Tory Burch. The bangles can be paired with your favorite linen dress, or tailored separates. These bangles can be worn all day and easily transitioned into colder weather. Who doesn’t love a stack of bracelets over a fitted turtleneck!

Button Earrings in Oversized Size

Button earrings will be around for a long time. While they’ve been around for a while, the latest trend is the addition of colored stones. These were spotted at Etro and Versace, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, and Chanel. For a relaxed, yet free-spirited look, pair yours with a printed sundress and/or colorful trousers.

Sleek & Elegant Collars

Sium recommends pairing a bold collar with other necklaces. She suggests that you start with a centerpiece and then add other pieces to complement it. I believe stacking pieces at different lengths is the best way to go. If one of the pieces is a pop of color, great! A great stack will tell a powerful story.” However you wear your collar necklace, it will elevate any outfit and make you look fabulous.

Hoop earrings with oversized size

Zeijdel Paz recommends taking inventory of all the items in your collection and performing a quick gut check before diving into any new trend. She suggests that you think about how the piece makes your feel. Will you find it as interesting as you get older? It will become a part of your life. You are making a personal purchase that will last a lifetime. Therefore, it is important to choose the right reasons for your oversized hoops.