Don’t have to squeeze yourself: Here is the most comfortable shapewear ever

Don’t have to squeeze yourself: Here is the most comfortable shapewear ever

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You probably have an event coming up and you anticipate being photographed, filmed and featured in some Instagram stories. Hopefully, some of these will make it onto your own grid.

You’ve probably already created a foolproof makeup routine and thought about how to make your nails shine. The most important accessory, the shapewear, is something that you should never overlook.

Shapewear is not mandatory. Your body is perfect and beautiful as it is without any extra help. Shapewear enthusiasts invest in these pieces for many reasons. Some customers love the maximum support and sculpting undergarments while others prefer lighter pieces. These undergarments are used by many shapewear professionals every day. Others use them for special occasions or when they have to wear something more risky. Shapewear can now be worn as part or all of an ensemble.

Perhaps you feel insecure wearing a new outfit that reveals everything. You might be looking for a legging that is both stylish and practical. No matter which path you take, we don’t judge. We believe that shapewear can be an extremely useful tool in fashion and beauty. Shapewear can help you show off your best features.

We have a list of tried-and true options to meet your every need. We have a variety of coverage options for you, such as shorts, tights and briefs, camis and statement pieces. We can help you with subtle slimming and serious sculpting.

The Best Shapewear 2022


You’re probably familiar with Skims, Kim Kardashian’s loungewear, underwear and shapewear company. Kim K. is a well-respected company that offers a variety of products, including bras and bodysuits. The Sculpting Short Mid-Thigh w/ Open Gusset is our favorite for medium to partial coverage. This piece covers the stomach and thighs without the bulkiness of a full bodysuit. The sculpting short can also be worn for longer periods — one reviewer said they are “all-day comfortable and stretchy, and super soft.”


Spanx is a must-have for any woman. Although they have expanded into activewear and clothing, Spanx is best known for their classic shapewear. We have long loved OnCore and must mention their “powerful” coverage option: The OnCore Mid-Thigh Short, High-Waisted Midshort. The front and side panels of this piece allow for slimming without any squeeze.


Although we love the smoothing effects, most sculpting and sexy underwear isn’t very sexy. It is rare to find pieces you are proud to show off. Pinsy is a company that boasts it can “say goodbye” to ugly shapewear. Just look at the dramatic, lacy details of the Sculpting Lace Shapewear Bodysuit. One reviewer said that they love this piece because it fits me well and supports my bra. It also looks great with skirts or pants.


We can’t get enough Nordstrom, as you probably already know. The stylish and staple department store has a lot to offer. We had to check out their extensive selection of shapewear. We were immediately drawn to the TC Back Magic High Waist Shaping Shorts because of their unique Back Magic panel. The panel has “flexible stays” and a silicone coating to contour the waist and prevent slipping. One reviewer claims that the item is suitable for everyday wear.


Who said that shapewear couldn’t be empowered? Honeylove’s positive attitude is what we love. “We aim to show that femininity doesn’t have to be weakness. It’s a superpower.” They back it up with seriously adorable designs. The SuperPower Short has bold, distinctive crossbody details and provides targeted, high compression. The SuperPower Short is made from sweat-wicking, breathable fabric. Honeylove is an excellent option if you are concerned about keeping cool.


We are huge Lizzo fans, just like most people. We were delighted when she launched Yitty, her shapewear line. This brand is extremely size-inclusive, up to 6x, and very body positive. Bright, vibrant colors and fun prints are a hallmark of the collection. These pieces are meant to be seen. The Headliner Shaping High Waist Legging is a great shapewear option for outings on the town. These leggings will provide medium compression and are perfect for those who want to look stylish. One reviewer said, “This fabric looks amazing! I love the high-end finish.”


Thirdlove is all about comfort. The Sculpt Cami was designed to be worn as a layering piece. One reviewer pointed out that it is great under sheer blouses — a great tip in the summer heat.


Luxury is not always the first thing that comes to mind when you think of shapewear. Commando wants to change that perception. Commando’s entire brand is built around the idea of “luxury technical”: Pieces that not only look and feel glamorous, but also function well. This philosophy is best illustrated in their Ultimate Opaque Control tights. These tights are minimalistic and sleek, but have a smooth, subtle waistband. It is perfect for day-to-day wear.