You Really Shouldn’t Use WhatsApp Mods

You Really Shouldn’t Use WhatsApp Mods

10.09.2021 Off By manager_1

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Mods are a great way to enhance your WhatsApp experience. The mods can provide chat options and customizable user interfaces that WhatsApp itself cannot offer. We strongly stand against using these deals, no matter how tempting they may seem.

WhatsApp mods are not normal apps. They are not allowed to be found on the Play Store. You will need to sideload it on your device to be able to start using it.

Real Play Store is different

You can be sure that WhatsApp was cleared by security before you download it from the Play Store. Although the system isn’t perfect and some bad apps can make it to the Play Store, Google won’t sell any app to its customers.

You can also download apps from the Play Store with additional security features. To ensure that there are no harmful apps in your library, Google does a safety check of the app and your device. You will also know ahead of time which permissions the app will ask for on your device. This allows you to determine if an app requires you to be more open than you are comfortable with.

Sideloaded apps do not need to pass any security checks unless they are tied to a trusted source. Although it is a great way for programs to be run outside of the Google Play Store there are inherent risks to this practice.

WhatsApp mods can spread malware which is not safe 

Even worse, this isn’t a hypothetical risk like sideloading apps. WhatsApp mods have been known to be targets of malware and fraud. FMWhatsApp is one example. This WhatsApp mod spreads the Triada mobile Trojan. It infects devices with code that can open ads, read SMSs and launch subscriptions.

WhatsApp mods anre not end-to-end. This means that WhatsApp mods don’t have the same security features as normal WhatsApp and can expose your conversations to third-parties. These points appear to be against FMWhatsApp’s main selling point, which is privacy and security.

WhatsApp Mods can cause your account to be suspended

These app mods are not only dangerous for your privacy, but also expose to potential threats to your security. Using mods you’re risking your entire account. WhatsApp doesn’t accept any of these mods and has already banned users for using them in the past.

To conclude

WhatsApp mods are not safe to use. Although these mods are appealing for their customization, they don’t offer any security.