Sake is a must-drink this summer

Sake is a must-drink this summer

12.08.2021 Off By

Everyone has their favorite summer drink. Perhaps you enjoy a glass of spritz on a sunny day or a glass of rose late at night. The best summer drink this year is considered to be sake!

“Sake is built like a beer, but it drinks like a wine,” says Monica Samuels, director of sake and spirits at Vine Connections and a Sake Samurai, a title bestowed on experts by Japan Sake Brewers Association.

Sake is Japan’s rice-based elixir is brewed, and its texture, structure, and minerality are dependent on the water source—often a pure mountain spring. The freshness of the water begets a fresh drink. Though aged sake is an emerging trend, most sakes should be consumed young.

Sake may be served either hot, cold, or at room temperature. This usually depends on the drinker’s preference. But this summer we say YES to cold freezing beverage!