Bold and Bright Polish Colours For This Summer

Bold and Bright Polish Colours For This Summer

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Summer is all over. This means it’s time for sandals. Also, it’s the right time to update your nails with bright colors inspired from the bright season. Although muted neutrals are great for the winter, it’s much more fun to have fun with your mani and pedi. Choose a color that is inspired by summer sunsets, blooming Hydrangeas, or trips to the beach.

Summer is about having fun with your nails and being playful. Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and CEO, Olive & June, says bright colors are almost neon. “There are no rules.”

What are the most popular summer polish colors?

Gibson Tuttle says, “Neon orange is everywhere.” It can be worn as a French tip or solid mani. It’s fun and surprisingly wearable. Gibson Tuttle suggests that you try a watermelon color like Olive & June Limited-edition Field Day polish.

A pastel mint green, which is reminiscent of a large scoop of your favorite ice-cream, can be a refreshing choice if you are looking for a more subtle pop of color.

How to prepare your nails for summer?

Make sure to properly prepare your nails so you don’t get annoying cracks and chips. Avoid soaking your nails for at least an hour before painting them. Gibson Tuttle says that water can make your nail plate expand which can lead to cracks and chips later. To remove all oil from your nails, you should dip your fingers into nail polish remover. To prevent chipping and brittle nails, apply a Nail Primer to your nail plate before you apply your first coat.

Neglecting sunscreen can cause your nails to look duller if you go to the beach or nearby pool. There is a solution. Gibson Tuttle says that Top Coat should be applied every two to three working days to keep your manicure/pedi as shiny as possible. It will also protect your mani/pedi and prolong its life.

Once you have your mani/pedi orders in order, check out our selection of the most stunning and electrifying shades for this summer.

The Best Summer Nail Polish Shades 2022

The Summer Polish Set from Olive & June

Gibson Tuttle says, “This summer we were inspired by summer camp’s endless fun and nostalgia. The palette is a mix of primary colors that reminds us of childhood memories, from friendship bracelets to the lake and the rest of nature.” Grab all seven limited-edition summer polishes now before they go on sale.

Olive & June’s fiery orange Counselor-in-Training

It reminds you to remember the happy hue of sunset every time you touch your keyboard or phone.

Field Day by Olive & June

This watermelon shade is a perfect example of summer. Paint Field Day is a fun and unexpected way to get away from the traditional red.

OPI – Exercise your Brights

Summer is all about expressing your “brights” and this neon pink nail polish will do the trick. It even has a little shimmer to make your nails shine.

Essie: Set the Tiki Bar High

Tiki bar time? Yes, please. A few bright coats in Essie’s purple hue will amplify your fingers and make you toes shine.

Sleeping Baby Olive & June

You’ll want to paint your nails with this creamy mint color if your favorite ice cream flavor happens to be mint chocolate chip. Bonus assignment: Take a picture with your ice cream cone to show off your mint manicure on social media.

Alter Eco by NAILS INC

This nail polish color by Vegan Nails INC reminds us of Pantone Color Of The Year. It will be a great choice to rock the top five fashion trends this summer.

You Can’t Stop the Feeling! Deborah Lippman

Are hydrangeas your “thing?” Deborah Lippman’s vibrantly pink Can’t Stop The Feeling will match your nails to the beautiful perennial flowers. shade.

NAILS INC. Freshly Juiced duo

This 2-in-1 nail polish set is inspired by the most delicious fruits of the season, orange and watermelon. These vitamin-C-infused colors will give your nails a serious boost.

Blue Canoe from Olive & June

Finally, seaside blue! Olive & Blue Canoe will stand out against all-white summer outfits.